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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Elective Catalog Reproductive Choice Service Elective

Reproductive Choice Service Elective

Preceptor: Siri Nippita, MD and Johana Oviedo, MD
Course Code: 07-07
Contact: Angela Sarkisyan,

Prerequisite: Core clerkship in OB/GYN


This elective includes all aspects of family planning, contraception and abortion. Experience will be gained in clinics, in the procedure room and in the operating room at Bellevue Hospital. There is also opportunity for exposure to procedures and counseling at an outside private abortion facility. Weekly chapter reviews will be given, and an abstract presentation will be expected from each students. The students work directly with the house staff, the senior health educators and the attendings in the Reproductive Choice Service.

Objectives of the Elective

The student will understand the principles and have a firm knowledge base in all aspects of family planning, contraception and abortion.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective

  1. Attendance at all conferences, lectures and consultations of the RC service
  2. Attendance at all RC clinics
  3. Attendance in the operating room and/or procedure room
  4. Participation in weekly discussion on required readings
  5. Presentation of written abstract on subject cleared by medical director of service or associated faculty members

Didactic Program

Monday, 9 AM: VAS clinic; 1 PM; lam clinic/VAS clinic with RC res,
Tuesday, 8:30 AM: 15S Procedure Room; 1 PM- Laminaria Clinic
Wednesday, 9:00 AM: VAS clinic or main OR; 1PM- Laminaria Clinic or VAS clinic
Thursday, 7:45 AM: Operating Room all day 11th floor or VAS clinic
Friday, 8 AM: didactic session, procedure room 15S; 9E2; 1PM continuity clinic

Method of Evaluation

Attendings, counselors and residents will evaluate the student. The student is expected to have done the required reading for his/her block, to contribute to the learning discussions. The student will also be evaluated on their presentation. Student attitude will also play a role in their final evaluation. The overall grade will be Honors/ High pass/Pass/Fail, based on the above criteria. Home school evaluation forms are submitted to the course preceptor.

Scheduling Information

Months offered: Aug-Nov, Jan-Feb
Report to: Program Coordinator will provide scheduling details at least two weeks prior to the start of the elective.
Students per period: 1
Duration: 4 weeks

Note: For this specific elective, visiting student applications will be processed through AAMC’s Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) program. The VSLO Application Service (aka VSAS) enables students to browse and apply for this elective.