Cutting Edge Review Course in Medical Toxicology

We have just concluded another successful year of the Cutting Edge Review Course in Medical Technology. Please check back in the Fall for more information regarding the 2019 course.

Course Description

This three-day course will be instructed by dynamic faculty from the NYU Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine and the New York City Poison Control Center. The course is intended to teach learners of all backgrounds about the exciting world of Medical Toxicology.

This course will offer:

  • Small Group Interactive Workshops on GI decontamination and Toxicology ECGs.
  • A High-Fidelity Simulation Session

Course Objectives

Our goal is keep the course clinically relevant and to enhance learning by using a combination of lectures, workshops and simulation formats.

Through participation in lectures, workshops and simulations, attendees will be able to:

  • Acquire practical and appropriate information regarding both common and serious clinical problems in the care of the poisoned patient.
  • Utilize the proper approach to treatment of the acutely poisoned patient.
  • Critically compare the various gastrointestinal decontamination techniques and identify scenarios in which each is most likely to be beneficial.
  • Interpret laboratory data and ECGs to assist in the diagnosis and management of the poisoned patient.
  • Develop an evidence-based approach to the treatment of common and complex toxicologic problems.
  • Synthesize existing evidence to develop a rational approach to the treatment of severely agitated patients.