Additional Training

Masters Programs in Clinical Investigation

MSc - TR (Translational Research)

A two-year training program aimed to provide future investigators with the tools necessary to conduct independent, translational research. To fulfill the degree requirements, a minimum of 33 credits must be completed. Most of the courses are offered on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays. In addition, each participant is required to work on a mentored research project, and complete a set of milestones.

MSc - HIT  (Health Innovations and Therapeutics)

The MSc - HIT shares many common features and courses with the MSc-TR program, but differs by its emphasis on drug and product development science.

MSc - CER (Comparative Effectiveness Research)

The MSc - CER is a two-year training program focused on providing investigators with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in CER. This concentration is housed and administered by the Department of Population Health, Section on Value and Effectiveness. Learn more about the MSc Comparative Effectiveness Research program.

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Masters Of Health Professions Education Program

The Master of Health Professions Education Program (MHPE) at NYU is designed to expand the capacity of physicians and other health professionals to lead excellent educational programs and conduct high impact, rigorous educational research. The Program is delivered predominantly via flexible distance learning technologies and requires attendance at a 3 week intensive per year at NYU and at bimonthly seminars designed to support participants in completing a scholarly project.

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