NYU Hospitalist Mission Statement


​NYULMC Hospitalist Program Mission



  • Apply inpatient medical expertise to care for hospitalized patients and to advance academic hospital medicine 


  • Patients
  • Other inpatient services
  • House staff/students/nurse practitioners
  • Administration
  • Referring physicians
  • Hospitalist profession
  • Voluntary faculty/attending​s


  • Provide inpatient care (encompassing family support) 
  • Consult to other inpatient services 
  • Transition of care
  • Medical education through conferences, rounds, evaluation/feedback, courses, bedside teaching, and didactics 
  • Mentoring and advocating for house staff and students within hospital 
  • Contribute hospitalist expertise and perspective to clinical committees 
  • 24-hour coverage in hospital/accessibility 
  • Clinical research and innovation 
  • Coordination of care with other hospital-based health care professionals 
  • Coordination of care with referring physicians


  • Appreciative and adaptive to the uniqueness of each patient/family
  • Respectful of others’ right to make their own choices (patients, others)
  • High level of support for one another in our individual roles
  • Make decisions together re: collective goals or issues or future
  • Working together on some projects or activities
  • Goes beyond just our group, but teamwork with others
  • Being aware of one another’s activities, learning from one another
  • Having honesty at core of all our interactions
  • Explaining not only what but why, including others in our thought processes
  • Accountability for operating with best practices/excellence (clinical, administrative, etc.) to each other, administration, patients, and others as relevant
Continuous Development (clinical, pedagogical, research, organizational, etc.):
  • Ongoing giving/receiving feedback
  • Sharing/development/application of best practices
  • Expectation that people recognize they don’t know everything and need to constantly learn and teach (because by teaching you learn)
  • Mentoring one another (and others)
  • Nurturing our curiosity and a continual striving to push the envelope