DGIMCI Faculty Mentoring and Professional Development Program

Program Overview

The DGIMCI Mentoring and Professional Development Program aims to position DGIMCI faculty as nationally recognized leaders within healthcare and build exceptional role models. We provide mentoring and professional development opportunities to faculty within the Division of General Internal Medicine and Clinical Innovation, as they travel their individual professional growth path and excellence in clinical care, education, research.

Our program goals, simply stated are to:

  1. Support faculty in articulating personal career goals and formulating plans to achieve these along individual timelines
  2. Provide faculty with the tools, resources and opportunities for professional development
  3. Inform faculty about the policies and procedures for maintenance of academic appointment, the implications of titles and tracks and the relationship of these to promotion.

Web Accessible Resources focus on the roles/responsibilities of Mentors, roles/responsibilities of Mentees, Leadership Development, local and national Medical Education Programs, Engaging with National Organizations through committees, presentations at regional/national meetings, Patient Safety, Writing for Publication, Preparing for Promotion, including developing CV & Teaching Portfolio.

We also share with you accomplishments by DGIMCI faculty including promotions, publications, new positions, awards/honors.

Program information and resources can be found on the DGIMCI Faculty Mentoring and Professional Development Program Intranet and can be accessed using your NYU Kerberos ID and Password.

For assistance with Mentoring and Faculty Development Needs, we ask that you complete the Needs Assessment Form. Sondra Zabar, MD will respond to your request within 2 business days.

You may also use our dedicated email to ask questions and/or provide us with your feedback, recommendations to improve our resources, or share your accomplishments for posting to the site dgimcimentoring@nyumc.org.