Medical Student Training

Most neurosurgeons were first introduced to neurosurgery and began to develop an interest in the field while they were in medical school. For this reason, providing medical students at NYU School of Medicine and other schools with an outstanding educational experience in neurosurgery is a priority of our department. The following programs are designed to give medical students an early and significant exposure to clinical neurosurgery. To learn more about them, click on the links below.

Mentorship Program: Through this program, students with an interest in neurosurgery receive one-on-one guidance from a member of the Neurosurgery Department.

Neurology and Surgery Clerkships: These clerkships offer two ways for students to become familiar with the Neurosurgery Department at NYU Langone.

Sub-Internships in Neurosurgery : NYU medical students, as well as those from other medical schools, can have a four-week experience on the NYU Langone neurosurgical service through this program.

Research Opportunities: The Neurosurgery Department also has clinical and basic research opportunities available for NYU medical students and visiting students.

Neurological Examination Tutorial. The cornerstone of neurosurgery is the ability to perform a competent neurological examination. Please visit this website for a tutorial on how to complete this examination. It’s recommended that all rotating medical students familiarize themselves with this tutorial before their rotation. Further in-depth examination techniques can be learned from more comprehensive textbooks.