Student Resources

This section is for current graduate students enrolled in the Molecular Oncology and Immunology Training Program or the Pathobiology Training Program offered under the auspices of the Department of Pathology. Qualifying Exam forms, Committee Meeting Progress Reports, and Dissertation Defense forms, as well as other relevant materials for graduate students, are available for download here.

NOTE: All PhD students at the end of their second year and all MD/PhD students at the end of their first graduate student year are required to take and pass a qualifying exam. Successful completion of this exam constitutes the final requirement for a Master of Science degree and is required in order to advance to candidacy for the PhD degree. The qualifying exam consists of:

  1. A written thesis proposal describing the research project you intend to pursue for your PhD studies.
  2. An oral defense of your written thesis proposal in front of your thesis exam committee.

Immunology and Inflammation Thesis Committee Meeting Progress Report
MOTI Thesis Committee Meeting Progress Report
Dissertation Defense Form
Oral Qualifying Exam Form