Research Concentrations

The NYU School of Medicine's new curriculum allows students to customize their educations by engaging in research projects designed to build in-depth knowledge in an area of psychiatry, foster student - faculty mentoring opportunities and increase student competitiveness when pursuing specialty training. This new opportunity is called a Concentration. 

The Department of Psychiatry offers Concentrations (traditional medical research for 12 weeks) in many areas of psychiatry and neuropsychiatry under the mentorship of members of our internationally recognized research faculty (see ALEX site for list of mentors and labs). Students will spend 12 weeks full-time, engaged in a research project in an area of interest, developed in consultation with the Director of Research Training for Medical Student Educatioin in Psychiatry. 

Research Concentration Time Line/ Process:

Concentration proposals must demonstrate clear and attainable goals, significant preparation, appropriate methodology, and lead to a worthwhile and high-quality deliverable. Students should contact Dr. Molly Poag and arrange to meet with the Director of Research Training for Medical Student Education in Psychiatry, Dr. Dolores Malaspina (, to discuss their potential interests and/or specific project. Dr. Malaspina will identify possible mentors and help students to refine the project. The Director of Research Training for Medical Student Education will also review proposals and progress. 

Ideally 2-3 months prior to the anticipated start date the Director of Research Training for Medical Student Education will contact potential faculty mentors to discuss student interests the feasibility of a project. Meetings will be arranged for the students and mentors. 

Before beginning their Research Concentration, the student will complete the Concentration Application Form and NYUSOM Mentee Agreement Form. These documents will be submitted to the Directors of Medical Student Education (Dr. Molly Poag) and Research Training for Medical Student Education (Dr. Dolores Malaspina) at least 4 weeks prior to the initiation of the project, unless otherwise approved by a Mentor and the Director.  

The project will be reviewed by the Department of Psychiatry Student Concentration Committee for its feasibility and potential value. If there is a disagreement regarding approval, conditional approval, or denial, a student will have a brief period to address the items in question and resubmit for final approval. 

Scholarly Product:
After a student has completed their research, they will provide information about their scholarly product to the Director of Research Training for Medical Student Education, and a copy to the Office of Medical Education, as outlined in the NYUSOM Concentration Application. 

Concentrations are a full time responsibility. Students should expect to spend 8 hours a day dedicated to the project. Students should have at least one weekly meeting with the chosen mentor to assure the success of the experience.