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Division of Emergency Ultrasound Emergency Ultrasound Publications

Emergency Ultrasound Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Emergency Ultrasound frequently publish the results of their research in leading scientific publications. Learn more about our work by reading their latest papers.

Interpretation of Cardiac Standstill in Children Using Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Yanni, Evan; Tsung, James W; Hu, Kevin; Tay, Ee Tein

Annals of emergency medicine. 2023 Nov ; 82:566-572

Predicting Delayed Shock in Multisystem Inflammatory Disease in Children: A Multicenter Analysis From the New York City Tri-State Region

Levine, Deborah A; Uy, Vincent; Krief, William; Bornstein, Cara; Daswani, Dina; Patel, Darshan; Kriegel, Marni; Jamal, Nazreen; Patel, Kavita; Liang, Tian; Arroyo, Alexander; Strother, Christopher; Lim, Czer Anthoney; Langhan, Melissa L; Hassoun, Ameer; Chamdawala, Haamid; Kaplan, Carl Philip; Waseem, Muhammad; Tay, Ee Tein; Mortel, David; Sivitz, Adam B; Kelly, Christopher; Lee, Horton James; Qiu, Yuqing; Gorelick, Mark; Platt, Shari L; Dayan, Peter

Pediatric emergency care. 2023 Aug 01; 39:555-561

The Association of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians' Self-Identified Skills in Suicide Risk Assessment and Management With Training in Mental Health

Cervantes, Paige E; Tay, Ee Tein; Knapp, Katrina; Wiener, Ethan; Seag, Dana E M; Richards-Rachlin, Shira; Baroni, Argelinda; Horwitz, Sarah M

Pediatric emergency care. 2023 Aug 01; 39:595-599

A "madd"-ening confounding: fruit seeds mimicking enteral drug concealment by computed tomography

Wiener, Brian G; Burton, Rebecca L; Smith, Silas W; Su, Mark K; Biary, Rana; Tay, Ee Tein

Clinical toxicology (Philadelphia). 2023 Jul 05; 1-2

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

Waseem, Muhammad; Shariff, Masood A; Lim, C Anthoney; Nunez, Jeranil; Narayanan, Nisha; Patel, Kavita; Tay, Ee Tein

Western journal of emergency medicine. 2022 Jul 11; 23:505-513

Pediatric emergency care in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown and reopening periods

Liang, Tian; Chamdawala, Haamid S; Tay, Ee Tein; Chao, Jennifer; Waseem, Muhammad; Lee, Horton; Mortel, David; Agoritsas, Konstantinos; Teo, Hugo O; Meltzer, James A

American journal of emergency medicine. 2022 Mar 30; 56:137-144

Point-of-Care Ultrasound on Management of Cellulitis Versus Local Angioedema in the Pediatric Emergency Department

Tay, Ee Tein; Ngai, Ka Ming; Tsung, James W; Sanders, Jennifer E

Pediatric emergency care. 2022 Feb 01; 38:e674-e677

Barriers to Universal Suicide Risk Screening for Youth in the Emergency Department

Seag, Dana E M; Cervantes, Paige E; Baroni, Argelinda; Gerson, Ruth; Knapp, Katrina; Tay, Ee Tein; Wiener, Ethan; Horwitz, Sarah McCue

Pediatric emergency care. 2022 Feb 01; 38:e1009-e1013