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Division of Emergency Ultrasound Emergency Ultrasound Publications

Emergency Ultrasound Publications

Faculty in NYU Langone’s Division of Emergency Ultrasound frequently publish the results of their research in leading scientific publications. Learn more about our work by reading their latest papers.

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

Waseem, Muhammad; Shariff, Masood A; Tay, Ee Tein; Mortel, David; Savadkar, Shivraj; Lee, Horton; Kondamudi, Noah; Liang, Tian

Journal of emergency medicine. 2021 Sep 16;

Universal Suicide Risk Screening for Youths in the Emergency Department: A Systematic Review

Cervantes, Paige E; Seag, Dana E M; Baroni, Argelinda; Gerson, Ruth; Knapp, Katrina; Tay, Ee Tein; Wiener, Ethan; Horwitz, Sarah McCue

Psychiatric services. 2021 Jun 09; appips202000881

Infected urachal duct cyst in a young adult male

Duncan, Ellen; Bhansali, Suneet; Tay, Ee Tein

Visual journal of emergency medicine. 2021 Jan 01; 22:?-?

Point-of-care ultrasound for confirmation of gastrostomy tube replacement in the pediatric emergency department

Alerhand, Stephen; Tay, Ee Tein

Internal & emergency medicine. 2020 Sep ; 15:1075-1079

Interobserver Agreement of Inferior Vena Cava Ultrasound Collapse Duration and Correlated Outcomes in Children With Dehydration

Zhou, Amy Z; Green, Robert S; Haines, Elizabeth J; Vazquez, Michelle N; Tay, Ee T; Tsung, James W

Pediatric emergency care. 2020 Jun 11;

Anisocoria from Cocaine Exposure: A Case Report

Iyer, Shweta; Tay, Ee Tein; Maslyanskaya, Sofya

Journal of emergency medicine. 2019 Jan ; 56:e17-e18

Association of Delay in Appendectomy With Perforation in Children With Appendicitis

Meltzer, James A; Kunkov, Sergey; Chao, Jennifer H; Tay, Ee Tein; George, Jerry P; Borukhov, David; Alerhand, Stephen; Harrison, Prince A; Hom, Jeffrey; Crain, Ellen F

Pediatric emergency care. 2019 Jan ; 35:45-49

Necrotizing fasciitis with pulmonary septic emboli following an infected insect bite

Paulis, Jacqueline; Tay, Ee Tein

American journal of emergency medicine. 2018 Nov ; 36:2134.e3-2134.e4