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Division of Neuropsychology Neuropsychology Predoctoral Externships

Neuropsychology Predoctoral Externships

For graduate students interested in gaining experience in clinical neuropsychology, the Division of Neuropsychology’s one-year externships provide hands-on training in the care of adults and children. There are opportunities for training at inpatient and outpatient NYU Langone locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn through distinct clinical neuropsychology externships: an adult externship based in Manhattan, an adult externship based in Brooklyn, a pediatric externship based in Brooklyn, and pediatric externship tracks that occur at both the Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses.

All externs learn to administer, score, and interpret neuropsychological test batteries administered to patients with a wide range of neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions. Externs in the adult/Manhattan track also have the opportunity to observe intracarotid amobarbital (Wada) procedures and bedside brain mapping procedures. Individual and group supervision is provided.

In addition to clinical experiences, there are optional opportunities for gaining research experience in ongoing investigations and for developing individual projects to meet requirements for master’s degree and doctoral dissertation research.

Trainees in all tracks attend case conferences, teaching rounds, and various didactic experiences in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry at NYU Langone. These events take place at the Manhattan campus; however, virtual access is also available. For Brooklyn-track externs, NYU Langone offers a free ferry between the campuses, with travel taking less than 30 minutes between the two locations.

All trainees receive supervision by American Board of Professional Psychology Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology (ABPP-CN) board-certified or board-eligible neuropsychologists as well as preliminary exposure to and practice with the board certification process.

The externship training year begins in early July and is complete at the end of the following June. Trainees are required to commit to at least 2 days per week, totaling 16 hours. Current enrollment as a doctoral student in clinical neuropsychology or related field is required. Graduate coursework in neuropsychology and prior testing experience are strongly preferred.

Externships in Adult Clinical Neuropsychology

The externship in adult clinical neuropsychology can be completed through one of the following tracks.

Manhattan Track

Externs participating in the Manhattan track of our adult clinical neuropsychology program work with patients at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and the Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment. The patient population at these centers is wide-ranging in terms of neurological and psychiatric conditions. Patients are from diverse ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds and are typically between the ages of 16 and 90.

Supervision at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center is provided by Christina Morrison, PhD, ABPP; and Zachary Resch, PhD. Evan T. Schulze, PhD, provides supervision at the Pearl I. Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment. For additional questions regarding the Manhattan-track training experience, contact Dr. Morrison at 646-558-0800 or

Brooklyn Track

For externs in the Brooklyn track of our adult clinical neuropsychology program, inpatient experiences occur within NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn and outpatient evaluations occur at NYU Langone Brooklyn Medical Arts Pavilion. The patient population at these locations ranges from age 18 to 90 and is highly diverse.

Supervision is provided by Alexander B. Chervinsky, PhD, ABPP. For additional questions regarding the Brooklyn-track training experience, contact Dr. Chervinsky at 718-630-8600 or

Pediatric Externship in Clinical Neuropsychology

Our division’s externship in pediatric clinical neuropsychology takes place at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn. Some outpatient adult evaluation opportunities are available for interested pediatric externs at NYU Langone Brooklyn Medical Arts Pavilion.

Externs learn to administer, score, and interpret neuropsychological test batteries in patients between the ages of 2 and 22 who are receiving outpatient and inpatient workups for a wide range of neurological, medical, and neurodevelopmental conditions. Pediatric externs are supervised by Gianna Locascio, PsyD, ABPP. Externs who participate in one of the trans-campus Brooklyn/Manhattan training tracks are also supervised by one of the neuropsychology faculty at the Manhattan campus (Jennifer Rosenberg, PhD, ABPP).

Externs also attend case conferences and various didactic experiences at NYU Langone (either in person at the Manhattan campus or virtually). Either Tuesday or Thursday is required for assessment and attendance at our division’s didactics.

Pediatric externships are an advanced placement; therefore, graduate coursework in neuropsychology, prior testing experience, and/or exposure to medical populations is strongly preferred but not required. Students should be in their second year of graduate training, or higher, during the application process.

Externship Applications

Applications for each training year are accepted starting in January, and the offer process generally begins in March (specific dates vary by year). Applicants may apply to multiple neuropsychology tracks simultaneously.

All of our externships comply with the Psychology Directors of New York State (PSYDNYS)–New York New Jersey Association of Directors of Training (NYNJADOT) externship guidelines. Further details about application deadlines, training experiences, and track-specific details can be found at the externship application portal.

For more information on adult tracks, interested applicants can email Dr. Morrison at

For more information on pediatric tracks, interested applicants can email Dr. Locascio at