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Neuroscience Institute & the Community Neuroscience Institute Clinical Partners

Neuroscience Institute Clinical Partners

At the Neuroscience Institute, we strive to connect basic research and clinical practice, taking breakthrough discoveries from bench to bedside. Scientists from the numerous clinical centers that make NYU Langone a world-class health institution are invited to attend Neuroscience Institute events and programs that have been developed to encourage collaboration with our faculty who work on cutting-edge projects spanning basic and clinical topics.

The Fresco Institute for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders provides cutting edge treatment with innovative clinical programs, supports basic research in several of our labs, and offers financial support to trainees from Italy in both basic science and clinical areas that build bridges across borders. The Fresco Research Fellowship Program gives Italian researchers an opportunity to conduct research in our laboratories with the goal of elucidating the physiological and molecular underpinnings of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

The Tech4Health Institute aims to develop new technology to monitor health and disease. It is co-directed by Daniel K. Sodickson, MD, PhD, and Shy Shoham, PhD, who also has a lab in the Neuroscience Institute. Our collaborations with groups such as the Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures (FACES) are sponsored by grants from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health.

Each year, several clinical groups join our scientists to conduct public outreach and education to share our passion for science and medicine. During Brain Awareness Week, the Concussion Center, FACES, Rusk Rehabilitation, Cognitive Neurology, and many others partner with us for Brain Day, an annual event that provides educational programming for the community about the brain. Brain Day has reached thousands of people in our community to promote a better understanding of the mind, brain, and social behavior. Throughout the year, our special lectures, classroom visits, and community events bring together the clinical and basic science communities.

To learn more about the clinical departments, centers, and groups that work with the Neuroscience Institute, please visit their webpages at through the links provided below.