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Department of Psychiatry Research Psychiatry Cannabidiol Research

Psychiatry Cannabidiol Research

Under the leadership of Charles R. Marmar, MD, researchers in NYU Langone’s Department of Psychiatry are investigating cannabidiol, an active chemical found in cannabis, as a potential treatment for alcohol use disorder with or without comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid, is a promising candidate for the reduction of stress-induced alcohol craving through the inhibition of extended amygdala output. Cannabidiol also has potential anti-addictive, traumatic- and addictive-memory modifying, and precognitive effects, making it a possible integrated treatment for alcohol use disorder and PTSD. Cannabidiol has a low potential for abuse and no intoxicating effects, making it an attractive therapeutic option.

Physician–scientists at the Center for the Study of Alcohol Use Disorder and Traumatic Stress and in our post-traumatic stress disorder research program conduct ongoing clinical studies of cannabidiol.


Charles R. Marmar, MD
Duna Abu-Amara, MPH
Esther Blessing, MD, PhD
Michael P. Bogenschutz, MD
Donald C. Goff, MD
Eugene M. Laska, PhD
Sarah E. Mennenga, PhD
John Rotrosen, MD
Carole Siegel, PhD

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