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Department of Radiology Elective Catalog Radiology Subspecialty: Head & Neck Radiology Elective

Radiology Subspecialty: Head & Neck Radiology Elective

Preceptor: Gopi Nayak, MD
Contact: Evelyn Espinosa,
Telephone: (212) 263-6737

Prerequisite: None

Objectives of the Elective

  1. To become familiar with imaging findings of common pathologies on CT and MR in Head and Neck.
  2. To become familiar with different MR sequences utilized for Head and Neck imaging.
  3. To understand appropriate indications for CT versus MR in Head and Neck imaging.

On Day 1 of the elective, the student should go to the 5th floor radiology reading room at 222 East 41st Street. Additional information will be emailed prior to the start date. Standard work attire required.
The student will spend time on the Head and Neck services in the 41st Street reading room and at the NYU Clinical Cancer Center at 160 East 34th Street.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective

The student is expected to attend the Neuroradiology subspecialty conferences at 8 am on the 2nd floor of 222 East 41st Street, and Head and Neck Tumor Board on Tuesdays at 7 am (Location determined weekly by ENT service).
Please check with on-service attending/fellow for updated conference schedule and locations.
During the day, the student is expected to attend the resident conferences in Bellevue 3W3, 12:15pm–12:55 pm (Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday).

Assigned/recommended reading

Cummings Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery; “Diagnostic imaging of the head and neck” chapter.
Articles given during rotation.

Required cases presentations

The medical student will be expected to present at least one case during the Thursday 5pm Show & Tell conference (weekly event).

Scheduling Information:

Months Offered: Sept—Jan
Students per period: 1
Duration: 2 weeks