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Department of Radiology Elective Catalog Radiology Subspecialty: Nuclear Medicine Elective

Radiology Subspecialty: Nuclear Medicine Elective

Preceptors: Kent Friedman, MD
Course Code: 15-07
Contact: Evelyn Espinosa,
Telephone: (212) 263-6737

Prerequisite: None


This course is intended for students who plan a career in diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, internal medicine or pathology, but maybe of interest to those who are pursuing cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology, or oncologic surgery. This course will consist of several didactic sessions concerning the physics and biology of nuclear medicine and an exposure to all of the clinical activities related to nuclear medicine, diagnosis and therapy. The students will spend some time in the thyroid clinic as well as in non-invasive cardiology. They will be expected to attend the departmental reading conferences, nuclear medicine case conferences, journal club, and interdepartmental conferences with emphasis on endocrinology, epilepsy, and cardiology.

Objectives of the Elective

The student will develop familiarity with the range of Nuclear Medicine studies, understand the basic principles of scintigraphy and understand the more common clinical applications of nuclear medicine studies.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on the Elective

  1. Attend daily general nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology review sessions and the nuclear endocrinology conference.
  2. Projects on image processing are available if students are interested.

Didactic Program

  1. Formal lectures
  2. Interactive interpretive sessions
  3. Department conferences

Method of Evaluation

Daily interaction during review sessions (participation and attendance).

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: All Year
Report To: 9AM, Tisch Hospital, Nuclear Med./Radiology, HW 231
Students Per Period: 2
Duration: 2 Weeks

All Visiting Students: see Specialty Rotation introduction for instructions. This Specialty Elective DOES NOT require a preliminary General Radiology course.