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MD Lotteries MD Selective Lotteries

MD Selective Lotteries

In stage three and stage four of our MD curriculum, NYU Grossman School of Medicine students complete two selective courses, which allow you to explore specific areas through classes that integrate basic and clinical sciences. Selectives are not open to students from other medical schools.

Scheduling Your Selectives

To schedule your selective courses, you participate in a quarterly lottery using SOLARIS (Kerberos ID and password required for login).

A selective lottery is a combined lottery that consists of separate rosters (e.g., Roster A, Roster B). Preference is given to Roster A and then B.

The combined selective lottery is conducted in multiple rounds until all users' selections have been accounted for, based upon roster rank, lottery number, and seat availability.

Those in Roster A account for the first wave of assignments. The lottery first runs in ascending order (e.g., numbers 1 through 50). The subsequent round is then processed in descending order (e.g., numbers 50 through 1). Further iterations occur, alternating between ascending and descending order, until all selections have either been assigned or closed, based upon lottery number, rank placement, and seat availability. The combined lottery then runs for Roster B (e.g., numbers 51 through 250) in the same ascending–descending loop, until all selections have been assigned or closed.

Learn more about the process in our guide to participating in selective lotteries.

Current students can access full descriptions of all selectives on OneDrive (Kerberos ID and password required for login).

Selective Course Dates

During each selective lottery, you rank selective courses based on your preference and available dates. Courses are cancelled if enrollment is insufficient. Current students can access course dates of all selectives on OneDrive (Kerberos ID and password required for login).