Is there a stipend related to this internship?

As mentioned, there is no stipend provided for this unpaid internship at this time. For each shift worked, Project Healthcare participants will receive a meal voucher to be used at one of the available food vendors at Bellevue Hospital Center. We encourage applicants currently enrolled in school to explore school-funded stipends, opportunity grants and scholarships and we will fill out necessary supervisory paperwork.

Can I take a class or work while participating in the program?

All participants must be available for the entirety of the program to which they are applying. When applying to Bellevue Project Healthcare or Brooklyn Project Healthcare, please consider the schedule. Brooklyn Project Healthcare has a fixed schedule and Bellevue Project Healthcare has a randomized schedule. Both programs have a very small number of shifts that can be switched. If you are selected to participate in either program then Project Healthcare must be your top priotity. If you work or take a class, that schedule must be flexible to successfully complete Project Healthcare.

I am studying abroad; can you conduct a telephone interview?

No, we cannot conduct a telephone or video interview. Interviews take place on weekend days during the month of March (historically coinciding with the most common academic Spring Break calendars) and are a mandatory component of the application process.

My university offers credits/stipend for volunteer work; can I use this program for course credits?

If the stated purpose and requirements of PHC fulfill the requirements of your stipend/credited program, then we will complete any paperwork necessary for you to obtain these credits or stipend. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

My school term does not end until after Project Healthcare begins, can I still participate in the program?

All participants must be available for the entirety of the program to which they are applying. No exceptions can be made.

Where do participants live while participating in the program?

We are happy to offer a NYU affiliate reduced housing rate at select NYU dormitories to all accepted Project Healthcare participants. Last summer the rate was $244 per week (rates subject to change). Typically, 2/3 of our participants reside in NYU housing due to convenience.

Can I apply to the program as a freshman?

You are an eligible applicant if you have completed a minimum of one year of college by the program’s start date. Since the program begins in June, current freshmen are eligible to participate.

Can I apply to the program if I do not go to NYU?

Yes, we invite students from all universities and colleges to apply.

Do I need to be a student to be accepted into the program?

No, you do not need to be currently enrolled as a student to be in the program. We do, however, require that you have completed at least one full year of college. We accept undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, masters and recently graduated students.

As an International Student, am I eligible to apply?

International students are welcome to apply to Project Healthcare, but you must have a current I-20 form or receive a sponsorship from your school for our program.

Letters of Recommendation:

All letters should be uploaded by your recommender to your application. Please inform your recommenders that our application portal is similar to that of a medical school application, in that they will receive an email from our site and will be asked to securely upload your letter of recommendation. All letters waive the right to be viewed by the applicant and are 100% confidential. Therefore, all applicants will not be able to view their letters of recommendation.

Letter of Recommendation process:

Once you begin your application you will be asked to upload two letters of recommendation (2 tasks). Please know, you are NOT submitting the letter of recommendation yourself. Your recommenders are submitting your letters on your behalf. When you begin the task you will be asked to input your recommender’s information (full name and email). Once you complete these tasks, your recommenders will be emailed. Your recommender can then upload your letter, via the link in the email they receive, and the task will be complete. When both letters are uploaded and your application is complete, you will be asked to submit your application along with payment. Once you submit with payment – your application is complete and will be reviewed! Only complete and submitted applications will be reviewed.