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From left, Bellevue Literary Publisher Jerome Lowenstein, MD, Editorial Director Erika Goldman, and Editorial Assistant Leslie Hodgkins.
Jerome Lowenstein, MD, publisher of the Bellevue Literary Press, Erika Goldman, editorial director and Leslie Hodgkins, editorial assistant.

The Bellevue Literary Press stunned the publishing world April 12, 2010, when the Pulitzer Prize Committee announced that the BLP author, Paul Harding, had won the prize for fiction.

The connection to the Department of Medicine is Tinkers, Harding's novel, was published by the Bellevue Literary Press, an initiative of the Department.

The BLP is the creation of Dr. Jerry Lowenstein—who serves as its Publisher. It is an expression of Dr. Lowenstein's lifelong commitment to humanism in Medicine. "Much of the credit for this award," said Martin J. Blaser, MD, chair of the Department of Medicine, "goes to the Editor of the BLP, Erika Goldman, who understood the quality of the Tinkers manuscript, and worked with the author to deliver an outstanding work of literature."

Tinkers, the debut novel of Paul Harding, has gained other recognition this year as well. The BLP is the first small press to publish the Pulitzer Prize Fiction winner since 1981, no small feat for a press that has been publishing for less than five years!

In April 2007 the Bellevue Literary Press announced the launch of its first season. Like the flourishing Bellevue Literary Review, of which it is an offshoot, the BLP is sponsored by New York University School of Medicine and committed to publishing writing of the greatest artistic and intellectual merit from the larger community, both medical and non-medical, while reflecting NYU’s excellence in scholarship, humanistic medicine, and science.

The aim of the Bellevue Literary Press is to produce original authoritative and literary works, both fiction and nonfiction, that focus on relationships to the human body, illness, health, and healing and range the intersection of the sciences and the arts. Its intended audience is the public at large, as well as medical and science professionals and academics interested in literate, jargon-free presentations of issues in their own and other disciplines.

The Bellevue Literary Press has recently attracted attention across the continent in newspapers from California to Nova Scotia, Texas, Florida and Missouri. Here is a sample from the Washington Post.


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