NYU Department of Medicine Remembrances

Saul J. Farber, MD
Saul J. Farber, MD


The Department of Medicine of the NYU School of Medicine and Hospitals Center remembers with respect and affection those members of our community who have recently passed away. Their contributions remain with us.

David S. Baldwin, MD December, 2013

Edmund Bini, MD, MPH March, 2010
Randolph M. Chase, Jr., MD May, 2008
Theodore Cohen, MD October, 2006
Max Cytryn, MD February, 2009
Saul J. Farber, MD October, 2006
Michael Freedman, MD February, 2010
Allen A. Goldring October, 2007
H. William "Bill" Harris December, 2011
Jacob Hirsch, MD April, 2010
Yao-Qi Huang, MD October, 2006
Simon Karpatkin, MD August, 2009
Henry Sherwood Lawrence, MD April, 2004
Peter A. Lefkow, MD October, 2008
Milena L. Lewis, MD October, 2009
Clement Marks, MD March, 2009
Barbara A. Parker, MD June, 2008
Bertha Rader, MD October, 2011
Abraham Sunshine, MD January, 2007