Written Responses to "Spotlight" Interview: Steven Lamm, MD

David Oshinsky interviews Dr. Steven Lamm for Department of Medicine "Spotlight" series.

What attracted you to medicine in your early years?
My father, my father, my father.  My father was a family doctor. We lived in an apartment connected to his office.  I experienced on a daily basis the joy he had for caring for patients.

You are now directing the NYU Langone Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health.  Within a year, it’s become extremely successful, with major expansion plans already in the works.  Why are men so drawn to a center like yours?
The attraction is mutual: Men feel the mutual respect and non-judgmental nature of the men’s center.  Men are learning from the opposite sex that health is their responsibility.

Your latest book is called Fighting Fat.  Tell us about one major point you hope to get across?
Fighting Fat is a statement that obesity is a disease and that doctors need to play a greater role in managing the condition based on science.

What’s life been like for you in your time on the NYULMC faculty?
It is great to be a full-time doctor as opposed to part-time doctor / full-time businessman running a large practice.  Amazing to interact and learn from colleagues on a daily basis.

What would your colleagues be most surprised to learn about you?
How humble, sensitive, and spiritual I really am.  Also, I love the Yankees.