Grand Rounds in FD at MGH

Dr. Joel Gutierrez, long-term collaborator with the Center, was invited to give Grand Rounds at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Mass General Hospitals.

Dr. Gutierrez spoke about his use of novel electrophysiological methods to map the brainstem reflexes in FD. His talk discussed how these techniques are helping us understand the clinical features of the disease.

Dr. Gutierrez has worked with the Center’s population of patients with FD for over 4-years. By delivering small electrical currents, Dr. Gutierrez is able to stimulate the nerves and record their activity. By seeing which nerves work and which nerves don’t he is able to map the neural circuitry. The findings from his studies have helped us understand speech and swallowing difficulties in FD.

Dr. Gutierrez’s Grand Rounds in FD were well received. In the audience was Dr. Susan Slaughenhaupt, another of our FD collaborators who found the FD gene. They discussed how the electrophysiological measures maybe used end-points to measure the response to potential genetic therapies for FD.

Dr. Gutierrez will now spend 2-months at the Center continuing his work on FD. He will then return to Havana Medical University in Cuba where he is a Professor and Chair of the Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology Center.