Graduate Admissions and Applications

Neuroscience education at NYU has a decades-long history of excellence and strength. Historically focused in two separate doctoral programs, the Doctoral Program in Neural Science (Faculty of Arts and Science) and the Doctoral Program in Neuroscience & Physiology (Sackler Institute, School of Medicine), neuroscience education is now harmonized and engages faculty across multiple departments, inter-disciplinary centers, and campuses. Details about the neuroscience curriculum and extensive pool of neuroscience faculty mentors can be found at the NYU Neuroscience website. There is a single application and admissions committee for the neuroscience training program at NYU that is served by both administrative units. You will be eligible for admission to either program. Our goal is to streamline the application process and give you the opportunity to find the best match for your research interests at NYU.

Application Process

Students apply through the NYU Neuroscience website. Applicants will have the option to indicate a preference for joining either the Neuroscience and Physiology program or Neural Science program, if they wish. More information about the similarities and differences between the two programs can be found here. While we prefer applications to be submitted through this portal, applications made to the Sackler program directly will also be reviewed. Applicants should indicate in their essays the research areas and faculty that most interest them. Applicants will be evaluated by a committee of our graduate program faculty and approved trainers from both the NYU School of Medicine and the Center for Neural Science. Competitive applicants typically have strong backgrounds in neuroscience and/or related disciplines, substantial research experience, and marked intellectual curiosity. Please specify within your personal essays the research area(s) and faculty that most interest you.

The application for fall 2018 is now open. For more information, please visit the NYU Neuroscience website. The deadline is December 1, 2017 at 5 PM. 

**Join us at the Society for Neuroscience Graduate School Fair on November 11-14 in Washington, DC. Meet faculty and students and get your questions answered. Visit the SfN meeting website for more information.**

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP – MD/PhD)

Students applying to MSTP must submit their applications through the American Medical College Application Service no later than October 3. There are multiple additional steps to the process once the initial application is submitted. Please refer to the MSTP website for detailed instructions on the application process.