ParentCorps Gets $6 Million Grant from New York State Office of Mental Health

Grant Will Fund Scale-Up of Successful NYC Pre-Kindergarten Enhancement

Thursday, July 23 2015

Laurie Miller Brotman, PhD, and colleagues in the Center for Early Childhood Health and Development have secured $6.25 million from the New York State Office of Mental Health to support efforts to scale ParentCorps as an enhancement to pre-kindergarten programs in high-poverty New York City schools, in partnership with the NYC Department of Education.

ParentCorps is a family-centered, school-based preventive intervention to foster healthy development and school success among young children ages 3–6 living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The program is implemented as a universal intervention – for all children – in early childhood education or childcare settings. ParentCorps was developed based on scientific evidence of the ways in which poverty disrupts healthy development and best practices for engaging and supporting low-income families from diverse backgrounds. To effectively mitigate the impact of poverty on children’s learning, behavior and health, ParentCorps includes components for parents, teachers, and children that combine to strengthen parenting, the quality of early education/child care environments, and child social, emotional and behavioral regulation skills.With evidence that ParentCorps is effective in improving physical and mental health and academic achievement for low-income children over and above the benefits from pre-kindergarten alone, scaling up the program represents a transformational opportunity.

To learn more about ParentCorps, visit the program's website.