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Immunology & Inflammation PhD Training Program Immunology & Inflammation PhD Training Program Curriculum

Immunology & Inflammation PhD Training Program Curriculum

The curriculum of the Immunology and Inflammation PhD Training Program at NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Vilcek Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences consists of core courses in research methodology, a two-term course in immunology (Introduction to Immunology and Advanced Immunology), and electives in subjects ranging from molecular oncology to bioinformatics.

After completing three laboratory rotations during your first year, you focus on research in your chosen thesis lab. Throughout your training, you participate in events such as Immunology Journal Club meetings and frequent seminars.

Supervision and Guidance

Our immunology and inflammation program provides a supportive, interactive environment. The program’s administrators, your research advisor, and your faculty advisory committee guide you and supervise your work. If you express interest in joining the immunology and inflammation training program during your first year, you will be assigned a faculty mentor who provides advice about selecting courses and lab rotations.


Below is a list of immunology and inflammation courses, as well as a selection of recommend elective courses. For more information, view the PhD course catalog.

Core Courses

Fundamental Research Skills and Tools
Introduction to Immunology, a team-taught course offered in the fall that features faculty presenting lectures in their areas of expertise
Advanced Immunology, a spring-semester course centered around our weekly Immunology Seminar Series

Elective Courses

Host–Pathogen Interactions
Topics in Molecular Biology
Molecular Virology
Molecular Oncology
Medical Microbiology
Developmental Stem Cell Systems I and II
Methods in Quantitative Biology