The Visuomotor Integration Lab aims to serve those with acquired brain injury (ABI), including cerebral vascular accident (CVA) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), and to provide a better understanding of dyssynergia or motor incoordination as it relates to both eye and limb control. Focusing on the sensorimotor limitations in ABI as it interfaces with vision and upper extremity task demands, the lab hopes to unlock diagnostic and therapeutic insights into motor recovery and rehabilitation.


The Technology Translation in Medicine Lab aims to serve the legally blind, those with low vision and civil servants who transiently have their visual system incapacitated, including military personnel conducting night operatives, firefighters that navigate through smoke-filled buildings, and police officers who are left vulnerable as they patrol dark streets. The lab’s goal for the visually impaired is to achieve functional independence, increase quality of life, and restore premorbid health. For civil servants, the lab aims to augment their spatial perception to allow for omni-directional capabilities, ensuring personal safety for themselves and others throughout the course of their missions.


S12-03718 Eye-Hand Coordination in Elderly Stroke Victims: Functional Visuomotor Rehabilitation (FVR)

Research Publications

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    --Submitted, Pending
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    --Submitted, Pending
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    --Submitted, Pending
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    --Submitted, Pending
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    --Submitted, Pending
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    --Submitted, Pending
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    --Submitted, Pending
  • Chin J; Bernard K; Rizzo, JR. Limited Recovery in Progressive Pancoast Tumor Secondary to Delayed Presentation: A Case Report
    --Submitted, Pending

Lab Members

John-Ross (J.R.) Rizzo, MD – Dr. Rizzo is an assistant professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and is the director of the Visuomotor Integration Laboratory (VMIL) and the Technology Translation in Medicine Lab (TTML) at NYU Langone’s Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience at NYU, his MD at New York Medical College, and completed his residency training and fellowship in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Rusk. Currently, Dr. Rizzo’s research interests are in the areas of sensorimotor control in ABI and technology in medicine.