Breast Cancer Research

The Perlmutter Cancer Center's Breast Cancer Research Program unites basic scientists, translational researchers, and clinicians to promote clinical and translational research aimed at improving breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment for women from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Historically, researchers have had a poor understanding of the molecular basis for how breast cancer develops, invades, and metastasizes. Only recently has evidence emerged to explain why the traditional approach of surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy to large groups of patients has benefited only a relatively small patient subset. Our breast cancer researchers believe that the current times offer a unique opportunity to integrate genomic and molecular biology to change the current state of the art in breast cancer research.

At the Perlmutter Cancer Center, breast cancer investigators strive:

  • to understand the fundamental mechanisms that contribute to the development, invasion, and metastasis of breast cancer
  • to translate these findings into clinical research programs to improve breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • to support and advance the development of clinicians and research scientists working collaboratively on breast cancer

A particular strength of the Breast Cancer Research Program is our diverse patient population, which includes large multiethnic, international populations comprised mostly of medically underserved and minority women with breast cancer. Our unique relationship with Bellevue Hospital Center, part of the largest public hospital group in the United States, enables us to study the biology and treatment of breast cancer in women from all walks of life.