Cancer Scientific Research Programs

Cancer Research Cancer Scientific Research Programs
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Cancer Scientific Research Programs

At Perlmutter Cancer Center, our scientific research programs provide basic, translational, and clinical scientists with the tools to research the mechanisms of cancer and discover targets for new therapies.

Our National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grants (CCSGs) play a crucial role in facilitating cancer research, bringing together scientists and physician-scientists to develop new therapies. They focus on establishing scientific programs that allow researchers to investigate the origins of human cancer at the most fundamental level and to use this information to prevent, treat, and ease the burden of cancer.

Cancer Cell Biology

Dr, Dimitris G. Placantonakis Looks Through Microscope

Cancer Genome Dynamics

Clinical Investigator Reviews Research Report on Screen

Epidemiology and Cancer Control

Clinical Investigators Discuss Case on Screen


Dr. Eva M. Hernando-Monge and Colleague in Lab

Tumor Immunology

Dr. George Miller Speaks with Medical Student