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Cancer Research Perlmutter Cancer Center Data Hub

Perlmutter Cancer Center Data Hub

The mission of the Perlmutter Cancer Center Data Hub is to integrate and centralize data to support clinical and population science research, with the goal of improving research and patient care. The data hub provides cancer context–specific data and tools that speed and enhance data uses.

Launched in September 2021, this data hub has supported 15 global-interest projects related to acquiring and integrating data and 56 user-initiated projects. The hub mainly serves Perlmutter Cancer Center researchers and clinicians, but also includes users from other NYU Langone departments.

Designed to integrate and standardize data from disparate sources, the data hub streamlines analytics and discovery, and generates actionable results. These data sources include electronic health records, tumor registry, pathology reports, radiation oncology records, molecular testing data, and data from individual research databases.

The hub also improves access to the data using interactive dashboards and cohort-building tools like cBioPortal that help visualize and analyze cancer genomic datasets.

User Services

Depending on a user’s skill level, each individual request is evaluated to determine the best way to meet the needs and technical expertise of the person who needs the data.

To request help or services, please use this online form.

Types of User Engagement

  • An affiliate analyst has direct access to data tables with restricted data extraction permissions.
  • Access via dashboards provides focused, specific, and current information for research and operations.
  • Customized reports are scoped and implemented by an informaticist.

Data Hub Leadership and Team

Megan D. Winner, MD
Director, Research Information Systems, Perlmutter Cancer Center

Rimma Belenkaya
Technical Director and Head of Cancer Informatics, Perlmutter Cancer Center

Jessica Sommer
Project Manager

Ferris Hussein
Software Engineer

Victoria Lam
Data Analyst

Komal Shindhe
Data Analyst