Growth Control Research

The Growth Control Research Program at the Perlmutter Cancer Center brings together scientists who share a passionate interest in the study of the molecular mechanisms through which normal cells become cancerous. Our investigators are exploring the signaling pathways that trigger the growth and division of tumor cells. These pathways include those regulated by genes that promote cancer (oncogenes) as well as those that put the brakes on cell growth (tumor suppressor genes). Investigators are also studying the apparatus involved in a process called cellular transcription.

The Growth Control Research Program facilitates translational research by encouraging continuous interaction between basic science researchers and clinicians in both this Program and related programs. Such interactions allow an exchange of ideas, reagents, and expertise. Through these interactions, members establish a critical bridge between the basic understanding of cancer development and the design and evaluation of the most promising new therapeutic targets. As a result, the Perlmutter Cancer Center's Growth Control investigators work to develop new anticancer drugs and help bring them into the clinic to be evaluated in clinical trials.