Research Focus

Researchers at the Gynecologic Oncology Research Group at Perlmutter Cancer Center are investigating:

  • PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer and refractive ovarian cancer.
  • Different scheduling of standard chemotherapy to improve its efficacy.
  • The role of mTOR inhibitors in gynecologic cancer.

Our investigations include:

Epidemiology and Prevention

  • Screening women who are at high risk for developing ovarian, fallopian tube, and  primary peritoneal cancer and breast cancer, an investigation that is being conducted by the Lynne Cohen Foundation project.  
  • Contributing to trials of risk-reducing surgery for women at high risk of developing ovarian, Fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal cancer, a study being run by GOG.
  • Evaluating quality measures for risk-reducing salpingoophorectomy surgery.

Molecular Biology of Gynecologic Cancers

  • Hormonal pathways in endometrial cancer
  • Micro-RNA in sarcomas
  • Dual mTOR inhibition in endometrial and ovarian cancers
  • PARP inhibitors and PK interactions in ovarian cancers and bevacizumab with antineoplastic agents in ovarian cancer

Survivorship Studies

The success of research in gynecologic oncology means that many women are surviving their cancer, but may be subject to complications that arise from their treatment.

Members of the Gynecologic Research Group are studying survivorship issues including:

  • Understanding development of renal disease in ovarian cancer survivors.
  • Fertility issues in patients with BRCA mutations and gynecologic cancers.