Research Focus

Pediatric oncology investigators at the Perlmutter Cancer Center treat children with a wide range of malignancies, but they are particularly focused on treating some of the more challenging diseases. The Pediatric Oncology Disease Management Group has specialized programs in:

  • Childhood leukemia
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • Neuro-oncology

Childhood Leukemia

On-going research in pediatric leukemia includes work on:

  • Cell death pathways in response to chemotherapy
  • The genomics of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia to look for ways to predict outcome, determine mechanisms of relapse, and identify new therapeutic targets


Research includes investigation of:

  • Targeted therapy of vestibular schwannomas
  • Identification of signaling pathways that regulate tumor growth in NF2 patients


This area of research includes work on:

  • Development of immunotherapy approaches to treating central nervous system (CNS) tumors
  • Brain tumor angiogenesis and invasion
  • Late effects of cancer treatments in survivors of pediatric CNS tumors