Shared Core Resources

This SCOR is designed to take advantage of Core resources already in place by virtue of the unique nature of the pediatric cooperative group mechanism (e.g. single group) and the investigators long-standing leadership roles in COG ALL. There are however, two unique Cores to this SCOR; Administration and Xenograft. The Administrative Core includes the leadership team, administrative and finance support, administrative support for meetings and publications and dissemination of SCOR findings. Importantly the Administrative Core provides access to the COG Phase I Consortium and ALL Disease Committee that will conduct SCOR clinical trials and provide critical biostatistical support for therapeutic studies. Other aspects of data analysis are covered within each project through long-standing collaborations with specific bioinformatic and biostatistical support. The Xenograft Core has already demonstrated its ability to engraft, expand and bank large numbers of critical ALL primary patient specimens. These primagrafts provide a key resource for preclinical testing of novel therapies and have led to major discoveries that set the stage for several of the SCOR Projects. The Core has developed novel technologies to image and track both malignant cells and normal T cells. Finally it should be emphasized that investigators have expanded access to biospecimens through the COG ALL Cell Bank that includes over 300,000 vials of cells. This unique resource has had the highest priority scores on Cooperative Group Biospecimen Bank grant applications and has been critical to major discoveries made by SCOR investigators through TARGET and other genomic studies. In summary SCOR investigators have full access to administrative support, primagraft modeling, biostatistics, clinical trials and clinical samples achieving great economy of scale and leveraging the SCOR resources to accomplish much more than would otherwise be possible.

Core A: Administrative

Core Leader
William L. Carroll, MD
Julie & Edward J. Minskoff Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Perlmutter Cancer Center

Core B: Xenograft

Core Leader
Stephan Grupp, MD, PhD
Medical Director, Stem Cell Laboratory
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia