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Division of General Pediatrics General Pediatrics Research

General Pediatrics Research

NYU Langone’s Division of General Pediatrics is committed to the advancement of knowledge through research, with the ultimate goal of improving children’s health. The division’s faculty, including clinicians and researchers from primary care pediatrics, the Section of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and the Child Protection Program along with researchers from the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, conduct comprehensive research that addresses significant public health issues affecting children’s health, care, and wellbeing.

Research interests in the division are wide-ranging and are supported by grants from federal agencies, foundations, and local sources. In the primary care setting, these include poverty-associated health disparities, the role of health literacy in adverse child health outcomes, and strategies to prevent obesity and enhance early child development.

Research and quality improvement interests in the inpatient setting focus on issues that affect children who are in hospitals, including inpatient safety during discharge and transitions of care, postoperative hospital care models and inpatient pain management, child and family engagement in care and research, drug development, and well-newborn care.

Below are examples of some of the research activities within the Division of General Pediatrics:

Division Publications

Division faculty members frequently publish their research in leading peer-reviewed publications. Here is a selection of their recent accomplishments.

The effects of parent-child dysfunctional interactions on early childhood weight: A serial mediation model through emotional feeding and child appetite traits

Kim, Christina N; Messito, Mary Jo; Duh-Leong, Carol; Katzow, Michelle; Teli, Radhika; Gross, Rachel S

Appetite. 2024 Jun 17; 107564

Creating Culturally Adapted Multilingual Materials for Research

Coffin, Alyssa; Elder, Brynn; Luercio, Marcella; Ahuja, Namrata; Barber, Rebecca; DeCamp, Lisa Ross; Encalada, Karen; Fan, Angela L; Farkas, Jonathan S; Jain, Pia; Johnson, Tyler M; Mallick, Nandini; Wilder, Jayme L; Yang, Tracy J; Yin, H Shonna; Lion, K Casey; Khan, Alisa

Pediatrics (1948). 2024 Jun 11;

The Injury Prevention Program to Reduce Early Childhood Injuries: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Perrin, Eliana M; Skinner, Asheley C; Sanders, Lee M; Rothman, Russell L; Schildcrout, Jonathan S; Bian, Aihua; Barkin, Shari L; Coyne-Beasley, Tamera; Delamater, Alan M; Flower, Kori B; Heerman, William J; Steiner, Michael J; Yin, H Shonna

Pediatrics (1948). 2024 May 01; 153:

Long COVID incidence in adults and children between 2020 and 2023: a real-world data study from the RECOVER Initiative

Mandel, Hannah; Yoo, Yun; Allen, Andrea; Abedian, Sajjad; Verzani, Zoe; Karlson, Elizabeth; Kleinman, Lawrence; Mudumbi, Praveen; Oliveira, Carlos; Muszynski, Jennifer; Gross, Rachel; Carton, Thomas; Kim, C; Taylor, Emily; Park, Heekyong; Divers, Jasmin; Kelly, J; Arnold, Jonathan; Geary, Carol; Zang, Chengxi; Tantisira, Kelan; Rhee, Kyung; Koropsak, Michael; Mohandas, Sindhu; Vasey, Andrew; Weiner, Mark; Mosa, Abu; Haendel, Melissa; Chute, Christopher; Murphy, Shawn; O'Brien, Lisa; Szmuszkovicz, Jacqueline; Güthe, Nicholas; Santana, Jorge; De, Aliva; Bogie, Amanda; Halabi, Katia; Mohanraj, Lathika; Kinser, Patricia; Packard, Samuel; Tuttle, Katherine; Thorpe, Lorna; Moffitt, Richard

Research square. 2024 Apr 26;

Prenatal Dietary Patterns and Associations With Weight-Related Pregnancy Outcomes in Hispanic Women With Low Incomes

Berube, Lauren T; Deierlein, Andrea L; Woolf, Kathleen; Messito, Mary Jo; Gross, Rachel S

Childhood obesity. 2024 Apr ; 20:198-207

Pediatrician perspectives on barriers and facilitators to discharge instruction comprehension and adherence for parents of children with medical complexity

Glick, Alexander F; Yin, H Shonna; Silva, Benjamin; Modi, Avani C; Huynh, Vincent; Goodwin, Emily J; Farkas, Jonathan S; Turock, Julia S; Famiglietti, Hannah S; Dickson, Victoria V

Journal of hospital medicine. 2024 Apr ; 19:278-286

Postacute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 in Children

Rao, Suchitra; Gross, Rachel S; Mohandas, Sindhu; Stein, Cheryl R; Case, Abigail; Dreyer, Benard; Pajor, Nathan M; Bunnell, H Timothy; Warburton, David; Berg, Elizabeth; Overdevest, Jonathan B; Gorelik, Mark; Milner, Joshua; Saxena, Sejal; Jhaveri, Ravi; Wood, John C; Rhee, Kyung E; Letts, Rebecca; Maughan, Christine; Guthe, Nick; Castro-Baucom, Leah; Stockwell, Melissa S

Pediatrics (1948). 2024 Mar 01; 153:

Material Hardship, Protective Factors, Children's Special Health Care Needs and the Health of Mothers and Fathers

Fuller, Anne E; Duh-Leong, Carol; Brown, Nicole M; Garg, Arvin; Oyeku, Suzette O; Gross, Rachel S

Academic pediatrics. 2024 Mar ; 24:267-276