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Division of General Pediatrics General Pediatrics Research

General Pediatrics Research

NYU Langone’s Division of General Pediatrics is committed to the advancement of knowledge through research, with the ultimate goal of improving children’s health. The division’s faculty, including clinicians and researchers from primary care pediatrics, the Section of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and the Child Protection Program, conduct comprehensive research that addresses significant public health issues affecting children’s health, care, and wellbeing.

Research interests in the division are wide-ranging and are supported by grants from federal agencies, foundations, and local sources. In the primary care setting, these include poverty-associated health disparities, the role of health literacy in adverse child health outcomes, and strategies to prevent obesity and enhance early child development.

Research and quality improvement interests in the inpatient setting focus on issues that affect children who are in hospitals, including inpatient safety during discharge and transitions of care, postoperative hospital care models and inpatient pain management, child and family engagement in care and research, drug development, and well-newborn care.

Below are examples of some of the research activities within the Division of General Pediatrics:

Division Publications

Division faculty members frequently publish their research in leading peer-reviewed publications. Here is a selection of their recent accomplishments.

Maternal Early-Life Risk Factors and Later Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the UAE Healthy Future Study (UAEHFS)

Juber, Nirmin F; Abdulle, Abdishakur; AlJunaibi, Abdulla; AlNaeemi, Abdulla; Ahmad, Amar; Leinberger-Jabari, Andrea; Al Dhaheri, Ayesha S; AlZaabi, Eiman; Mezhal, Fatima; Al-Maskari, Fatma; AlAnouti, Fatme; Alsafar, Habiba; Alkaabi, Juma; Wareth, Laila Abdel; Aljaber, Mai; Kazim, Marina; Weitzman, Michael; Al-Houqani, Mohammad; Ali, Mohammed Hag; Oumeziane, Naima; El-Shahawy, Omar; Sherman, Scott; AlBlooshi, Sharifa; Shah, Syed M; Loney, Tom; Almahmeed, Wael; Idaghdour, Youssef; Ali, Raghib

International journal of environmental research & public health. 2022 08 19; 19:

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among low-income, racially and ethnically diverse US parents

Schilling, Samantha; Orr, Colin J; Delamater, Alan M; Flower, Kori B; Heerman, William J; Perrin, Eliana M; Rothman, Russell L; Yin, H Shonna; Sanders, Lee

Patient education & counseling. 2022 Aug ; 105:2771-2777

Housing Insecurity, Housing Conditions, and Breastfeeding Behaviors for Medicaid-Eligible Families in Urban Settings

Reno, Rebecca; Whipps, Mackenzie; Wallenborn, Jordyn T; Demirci, Jill; Bogen, Debra L; Gross, Rachel S; Mendelsohn, Alan L; Morris, Pamela A; Shaw, Daniel S

Journal of human lactation. 2022 Jul 01; 8903344221108073

Modified body mass index z-scores in children in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic

Miller, Assia; Bochner, Risa; Sohler, Nancy; Calixte, Rose; Chan, Cameron; Umpaichitra, Vatcharapan; Shalmiyev, Elman; Novikova, Natalia; Desai, Ninad; Seigel, Warren; Chin, Vivian; Periasamy, Sundari; Waldman, Lee; Bamji, Mahrukh; Nagpal, Nikita; Duh-Leong, Carol; Reznik, Makhmood; Messito, Mary; Bargman, Renee

Pediatric obesity. 2022 Jun 30; e12958

Passive exposure to e-cigarette emissions is associated with worsened mental health

Farrell, Kayla Rae; Weitzman, Michael; Karey, Emma; Lai, Teresa K Y; Gordon, Terry; Xu, Shu

BMC public health. 2022 Jun 07; 22:1138

The Prenatal Neighborhood Environment and Geographic Hotspots of Infants with At-risk Birthweights in New York City

Duh-Leong, Carol; Shonna Yin, H; Gross, Rachel S; Elbel, Brian; Thorpe, Lorna E; Trasande, Leonardo; White, Michelle J; Perrin, Eliana M; Fierman, Arthur H; Lee, David C

Journal of urban health. 2022 Jun ; 99:482-491

E-cigarette use, opinion about harmfulness and addiction among university students in Bratislava, Slovakia

Babjaková, Jana; Rimárová, Kvetoslava; Weitzman, Michael; Bušová, Milena; Jurkovičová, Jana; Dorko, Erik; Argalášová, Ľubica

Central European journal of public health. 2022 Jun ; 30:S50-S56

Global Prevalence of Meeting Screen Time Guidelines Among Children 5 Years and Younger: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

McArthur, Brae Anne; Volkova, Valeriya; Tomopoulos, Suzy; Madigan, Sheri

JAMA pediatrics. 2022 Apr 01; 176:373-383