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Division of Neonatology Neonatology Research

Neonatology Research

NYU Langone’s Division of Neonatology is at the forefront of laboratory and clinical research to advance the field of neonatology. The division fosters the growth and development of the faculty and fellows through ongoing research opportunities.

Investigators are using near-infrared spectroscopy to measure target organ saturation in the neonatal population and researching the use of a new mode of neonatal ventilation, neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA). Researchers study associated morbidities in late preterm neonates and biomarkers of sepsis and hypoxic brain injury in neonates. The division is also participating in long-term follow-up of neonates with congenital heart diseases and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE).

Researchers in the division are also using novel mouse models of vaginal colonization and ascending infection during pregnancy to further the understanding of the mechanisms by which bacterial pathogens that colonize the maternal genital tract—group B Streptococcus, Escherichia coli, and Gardnerella vaginalis—contribute to adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes. The goal is to develop and test new vaccines.

The Beltzman Research Foundation Grant is an internal divisional grant used for neonatal HIE research. The grant funds this research to determine whether prenatal infection with group B Streptococcus leads to increased susceptibility to hypoxic ischemic brain injury after delivery.

A grant from the Crompton Candy Research Foundation provides the division with the opportunity to lead the transformation in neonatal care, discovering innovative interventions that help to ensure the long-term health of preterm infants. The grant supports early career faculty research and education.

Recent Publications

Self-directed video versus instructor-based neonatal resuscitation training: a randomized controlled blinded non-inferiority multicenter international study

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The impact of donor breast milk on metabolic bone disease, postnatal growth and neurodevelopmental outcomes at 18 months corrected age

Kazmi, Sadaf H; Berman, Sarah; Caprio, Martha; Wachtel, Elena V

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Essentials of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine fellowship: part 2 - clinical education and experience

Cicalese, Erin; Wraight, C Lydia; Falck, Alison J; Izatt, Susan D; Nair, Jayasree; Lawrence, Karena G

Journal of perinatology. 2021 Apr 13;

Impact of X+Y Scheduling on Pediatric Resident and Faculty Perceptions of Education and Patient Care

Myers, Ross E; Thoreson, Lynn; Howell, Heather B; Weedon, Kathryn; Bevington, Joyce; Poitevien, Patricia; Wroblewski, Mary Beth; Ponitz, Keith; Lewis, Joanna

Academic pediatrics. 2021 Mar 11;

Dexmedetomidine versus intermittent morphine for sedation of neonates with encephalopathy undergoing therapeutic hypothermia

Cosnahan, Anna S; Angert, Robert M; Jano, Eni; Wachtel, Elena V

Journal of perinatology. 2021 Mar 01;

Morbidity of conversion from venovenous to venoarterial ECMO in neonates with meconium aspiration or persistent pulmonary hypertension

Choi, Beatrix Hyemin; Verma, Sourabh; Cicalese, Erin; Dapul, Heda; Toy, Bridget; Chopra, Arun; Fisher, Jason C

Journal of pediatric surgery. 2021 Mar ; 56:459-464

Effects of Inhaled Iloprost for the Management of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn

Verma, Sourabh; Lumba, Rishi; Kazmi, Sadaf H; Vaz, Michelle J; Prakash, Shrawani Soorneela; Bailey, Sean M; Mally, Pradeep V; Randis, Tara M

American journal of perinatology. 2021 Jan 21;

Characteristics of Hospitalized Children With SARS-CoV-2 in the New York City Metropolitan Area

Verma, Sourabh; Lumba, Rishi; Dapul, Heda M; Simson, Gabrielle Gold-von; Phoon, Colin K; Phil, M; Lighter, Jennifer L; Farkas, Jonathan S; Vinci, Alexandra; Noor, Asif; Raabe, Vanessa N; Rhee, David; Rigaud, Mona; Mally, Pradeep V; Randis, Tara M; Dreyer, Benard; Ratner, Adam J; Manno, Catherine S; Chopra, Arun

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