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Division of Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes Research

Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes Research

Investigators in NYU Langone’s Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes have diverse areas of interest and engage in a wide range of research activities. Their work is published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, and division members frequently deliver lectures at scientific conferences and other academic medical centers.

Research in the division focuses on pediatric diabetes and pediatric disorders that affect growth, the adrenal glands, and the pituitary gland. Investigators study the effects of medications and vitamins on the pediatric endocrine system, including hypercalcemia and problems with growth. Researchers have also studied the adverse effects of growth hormone therapies for puberty induction.

The investigators have studied geographic disparities in diabetes prevalence, as well as cortisol levels in children with diabetic ketoacidosis at diagnosis of new-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus. The division has been involved in the development of guidelines for children and adolescents with thyroid cancer.

Recent Publications

Lymph node metastases in pediatric medullary thyroid carcinoma

Oliver, Jamie R; Patel, Kepal N; Chang, Clifford M; Baldwin, Chelsey K; Brar, Preneet C; Morris, Luc G T; Givi, Babak

Surgery. 2021 Sep ; 170:736-742

Pre-treatment Neutropenia in Children and Adolescents with Autoimmune Hyperthyroidism

Litao, Melissa Kaori S; Alvarez, Ana Gutierrez; Shah, Bina

JCRPE : Journal of clinical research in pediatric endocrinology. 2021 08 23; 13:263-268

Diabetic ketoacidosis drives COVID-19 related hospitalizations in children with type 1 diabetes

Alonso, Guy Todd; Ebekozien, Osagie; Gallagher, Mary Pat; Rompicherla, Saketh; Lyons, Sarah K; Choudhary, Abha; Majidi, Shideh; Pinnaro, Catherina T; Balachandar, Sadana; Gangat, Mariam; Curda Roberts, Alissa Jeanne; Marks, Brynn E; Creo, Ana; Sanchez, Janine; Seeherunvong, Tossaporn; Jimenez-Vega, Jose; Patel, Neha S; Wood, Jamie R; Gabriel, Liana; Sumpter, Kathryn M; Wilkes, Meredith; Rapaport, Robert; Cymbaluk, Anna; Wong, Jenise C; Sanda, Srinath; Albanese-O'neill, Anastasia

Journal of diabetes. 2021 Aug ; 13:681-687

SARS-CoV-2 infection and paediatric endocrine disorders: Risks and management considerations

Miller, Ryan; Ashraf, Ambika P; Gourgari, Evgenia; Gupta, Anshu; Kamboj, Manmohan K; Kohn, Brenda; Lahoti, Amit; Mak, Daniel; Mehta, Shilpa; Mitchell, Deborah; Patel, Neha; Raman, Vandana; Reynolds, Danielle G; Yu, Christine; Krishnan, Sowmya

Endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism. 2021 07 ; 4:e00262

Frequency and characterization of mutations in genes in a large cohort of patients referred to MODY registry

Breidbart, Emily; Deng, Liyong; Lanzano, Patricia; Fan, Xiao; Guo, Jiancheng; Leibel, Rudolph L; LeDuc, Charles A; Chung, Wendy K

Journal of pediatric endocrinology & metabolism. 2021 May 26; 34:633-638

Inequities in Diabetic Ketoacidosis Among Patients With Type 1 Diabetes and COVID-19: Data From 52 US Clinical Centers

Ebekozien, Osagie; Agarwal, Shivani; Noor, Nudrat; Albanese-O'Neill, Anastasia; Wong, Jenise C; Seeherunvong, Tossaporn; Sanchez, Janine; DeSalvo, Daniel; Lyons, Sarah K; Majidi, Shideh; Wood, Jamie R; Acharya, Runa; Aleppo, Grazia; Sumpter, Kathryn M; Cymbaluk, Anna; Shah, Nirali A; Van Name, Michelle; Cruz-Aviles, Lisa; Alonso, Guy Todd; Gallagher, Mary Pat; Sanda, Srinath; Feuer, Alexis Jamie; Cossen, Kristina; Rioles, Nicole; Jones, Nana-Hawa Yayah; Kamboj, Manmohan K; Hirsch, Irl B

Journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism. 2021 03 25; 106:e1755-e1762

Should Lipoprotein(a) be Measured in Youth?

Kohn, Brenda; Ashraf, Ambika P; Wilson, Don P

Journal of pediatrics. 2021 Jan ; 228:285-289

Management and Appropriate Use of Diazoxide in Infants and Children with Hyperinsulinism

Brar, Preneet Cheema; Heksch, Ryan; Cossen, Kristina; De Leon, Diva D; Kamboj, Manmohan K; Marks, Seth D; Marshall, Bess A; Miller, Ryan; Page, Laura; Stanley, Takara; Mitchell, Deborah; Thornton, Paul

Journal of clinical endocrinology & metabolism. 2020 12 01; 105: