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Department of Medicine Elective Catalog Rheumatology Elective

Rheumatology Elective

Preceptor: Michael Toprover, MD
Course Code: 04-30
Coordinator: Sarina Richards, sarina.richards@nyulangone.org
Telephone: (646) 501-4030 Office or (570) 862-8762 Mobile

Prerequisites: Any One Core Clerkship


Students participate in the activities of the Division of Rheumatology. This involves the evaluation and treatment of patients with connective tissue diseases (e.g., vasculitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis). A major focus of the division is on the immunology and pathogenesis of the rheumatic diseases. There is extensive experience with a wide variety of clinical conditions since the division is responsible for inpatient and outpatient care at Bellevue Hospital, the Hospital for Joint Diseases, the New York VA Hospital and Tisch Hospital. There are daily educational rounds and conferences. Opportunities for participation in clinical studies are available.

Objectives of the Elective

By the end of the elective, students should be able to interpret common rheumatologic serologies. Improvement in diagnostic acumen of the rheumatologic diseases is also expected, with increased understanding of the pathophysiology underlying each disease. Students will also become proficient in physical exams of the musculoskeletal system. Therapeutic interventions and pharmacology used in rheumatology will be better understood.

Key Responsibilities of the student while on Elective

  1. Students will attend daily conferences, which include journal clubs, rheumatology grand rounds and clinical case-presentation at Bellevue Hospital (BH). Students taking the elective in the summer will attend the daily core course in rheumatology. In addition, biweekly radiology conferences are also to be attended at Hospital for Joint Diseases (HJD), and weekly clinical case conferences will be attended at the VA Hospital. Depending upon scheduling, students will attend some or all of the following clinics: Lupus and Arthritis clinics at BH and HJD, and general rheumatology clinic at the MVA; pediatric rheumatology clinic at BH; osteoporosis clinic at HJD; collagen-vascular skin clinic at Tisch Hospital; and psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis at Tisch Hospital.

  2. Students will also participate in inpatient consultation service at BH, and present cases in attending rounds (twice weekly). In some instances, students may be assigned to the inpatient consultation service at Tisch Hospital in lieu of Bellevue Hospital.

Didactic Program

Students will be instructed by fellows and attendings during clinics and in the inpatient consultation service.

Method of Evaluation

Evaluation of students will be made by the assigned preceptor.

Scheduling Information

Months Offered: All Year except July

We recommend that you contact the Rheumatology Chief Fellow to find out where to go on the first day of your elective. To reach the Chief Fellow, or for more information, contact Ms. Sarina Richards at 646) 501-4030 Office or (570) 862-8762 Mobile.

Students Per Period: 1

Duration: Four Weeks