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Annual Medical Education Innovations & Scholarship Conference 2023 Annual Medical Education Innovations & Scholarship Conference Highlights

2023 Annual Medical Education Innovations & Scholarship Conference Highlights

NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Educator Community held our Eighth Annual Medical Education Innovations and Scholarship Conference on October 23, 2023. The event featured more than 55 presentations and workshops, and an informative session with keynote speaker Adam Rodman, MD, MPH, instructor in medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical. Awards were also presented to recognize faculty at NYU Grossman School of Medicine for their outstanding contributions to medical education.

Crystal Mainiero, MPA, Steven Abramson, MD and Michael Poles, MD, PhD, kicked off the event with a welcome address followed by a series of sessions that showcased the incredible work being conducted at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

VIDEO: The 2023 Annual Medical Education Innovations and Scholarship Conference celebrated NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s accomplishments and medical education innovations during the year.

Keynote Speaker: Adam Rodman, MD, MPH

Dr. Rodman is an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the co-director of the iMED Initiative at BIDMC, which is dedicated to the study and best practices of digital education and artificial intelligence. Besides an educational researcher, he is also a medical historian, focusing on the evolution of medical epistemology, especially the history of diagnosis. He is the host of the medical history podcast Bedside Rounds, made in partnership with the American College of Physicians; the podcast has been written up in The New York Times and British Medical Journal among others. His first book, entitled Short Cuts: Medicine, was released this year.

Lightning Talks

The session was moderated by Marc M. Triola, MD, associate dean for educational informatics and director of the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education.

Towards a Centralized, School-Curated Online Database for Student Specialty Exploration

Presenter: Lily Ge, medical student

Using ChatGPT to Tackle Text-Based Analysis of Student Data

Presenters: Nikola Koscica, MS; Nivedha Satyamoorthi, MS

Educational Nudges for Medical Residents

Presenter: Omar Moussa, MD

NoteSense 2.0: Using More Advanced AI Technologies to Develop Specific Automated Feedback on Resident Clinical Reasoning Documentation

Presenter: Verity E. Schaye, MD, MHPE

Envisioning an Interprofessional Communication Dashboard That Provides Medical Trainees with Precision Medical Education

Presenter: William R. Small, MD

Generative AI Prompt-a-Thon for Medical Educators

At the conference, the Institute for Innovations in Medical Education sponsored a Generative AI Prompt-A-Thon for medical educators. The Prompt-a-Thon was facilitated by Marina Marin, MSc, director of the Division of Academic Analytics; Peter Ludlow, MPhys, MEM, PMP, associate director of solutions development; Dr. Triola; and Yindalon Aphinyanaphongs, MD, PhD, assistant professor in the Departments of Population Health and Medicine. During the session, participants had the opportunity to learn and explore the intricacies of generative AI, discovering how it can be effectively utilized in medical education. They gained insight into ongoing initiatives at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, providing a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape. Participants collaborated with peers to devise innovative solutions and addressed common challenges encountered in medical education using generative AI.


Workshops addressed workplace-based assessments, program development, faculty development on mentoring and coaching transitions in medical education, and empathy and equity in medicine and medical education.

Accelerating Your Medical Education Research: From Inception to Publication

Facilitator: Jesse Burk Rafel, MD, MRes

In this workshop, participants had the opportunity to enhance their understanding of medical education scholarship. They engaged in discussions on overcoming barriers at each stage of their projects and learned how to effectively utilize a diverse range of resources. This knowledge enabled participants to streamline their projects from the initial idea phase to successful dissemination.

Unleashing the Healing Power of Stories: A Narrative Medicine Workshop for Educators

Facilitators: Maura Minsky; Abigail Winkel, MD, MHPE; Jordan Reif, MBE; Annie Robinson, MS; Carmen Price, MS; Anita Saini

Participants in the workshop had the opportunity to explore narrative medicine (NM) and the underlying evidence supporting its role in bolstering healthcare providers and teams. They delved into how NM can improve patient care, offer support, and facilitate the creation of meaningful work environments. Attendees also gained insights into the current applications of NM within the institution, learning where and how it is practiced. Moreover, participants were equipped with the knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate NM into their daily interactions with various teams and learners.

Best Poster Presentation Awards

More than 40 posters were accepted after a peer-review process. On the day of the event, the session facilitators rated the posters in each category and awarded five as exemplars in innovation, impact, and potential.

Measuring Our Success: A Standardized Participant Quality Assurance Program

Virginia Drda, Brielle Blatt, Meg Anderson, Katherine Tame, Kathleen Allen, Donna Phillips, Sondra Zabar. View poster.

Empirical Strategies to Understand Student Perceptions of Clinical Learning Environment

Zachary Hill-Whilton, Georgia Westbrook, Chloe Holt-Reiss, Colleen Gillespie, Verity Schaye, Victoria Harnik. View poster.

From Student to Intern, Witness to Upstander: Preparing Incoming Interns to Respond to Discriminatory Patient Behavior Through Simulation

Christian Torres, Ian Fagan, Renee Williams, Barbara Porter, Christine Beltran, Richard Greene, Donna Phillips, Joanne Agnant, Deepak Pradhan, Sondra Zabar. View poster.

Fellows Teaching Faculty: A Qualitative Study Exploring Reverse Educational Distance Near-Peer Education

Deepak Pradhan, Jacqueline Paulis, Elise Huppert, Amanda Jurewicz, David Stern. View poster.

Use of Simulation in Medical Education Across Neurology Training Programs in the United States

Nisha Malhotra, Catherine Albin, Ifeyinwa Asonye, Michelle Bell, John Budrow, Jenna Ford, Shivani Ghoshal, Inna Kleyman, Nina Massad, Yara Mikhaeildem, Nicholas Morrissey, Rebecca Stainman, Zahari Tchopev, Briana Wasserstrom, Arielle Kurzweil. View poster.