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Mentoring & Faculty Development Faculty Mentoring Steering Committee

Faculty Mentoring Steering Committee

The Faculty Mentoring Steering Committee at NYU Grossman School of Medicine provides oversight and strategic planning for the Office of Mentoring and Faculty Development. It includes members of the deans’ task force on mentoring and faculty representatives from key programs, departments, committees, and advisory boards.

Steering committee members ensure that mentoring models are adapted to address our faculty’s evolving developmental needs and our institution’s expectations.

Laura Balcer, MD
Department of Neurology

Lynn Buckvar-Keltz, MD
Department of Medicine

Arthur H. Fierman, MD
Department of Pediatrics

Georgeann McGuinness, MD
Department of Radiology

Jeannine Nonaillada, PhD
NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island

Donna Phillips, MD
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Michael Poles, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine

Richard L. Possemato, PhD
Department of Pathology

Joseph Ravenell, MD
Department of Population Health

Daniel B. Rifkin, PhD
Department of Cell Biology

Linda R. Tewksbury, MD
Department of Pediatrics

Elaine L. Wilson, PhD
Department of Cell Biology
Department of Urology