Clinical Correlations: The NYU Langone Online Journal of Medicine

Neil Shapiro, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Correlations, NYU Langone Online Journal of Medicine

Now celebrating its 8th anniversary, the NYU Langone Online Journal of Medicine—Clinical Correlations ( has been a terrific addition to our internal medicine training program and curriculum. Everyday, everywhere we look—on the wards, in the clinic, and in the media—we can find physicians discussing the many fascinating aspects of medicine. With Clinical Correlations, we try to capture those moments and inspire our colleagues. Our content, written by medical students, residents, fellows and faculty is fully peer-reviewed and encompasses the broad diversity of internal medicine. Sections include:

  1. Primecuts: a weekly review of the internal medicine literature
  2. Clinical vignettes: with evidence based answers to clinical questions
  3. Mystery quizzes: (x-rays, CT scans, EKGs, etc.)
  4. Myths and Realities: a review of the evidence for commonly held medical beliefs
  5. Bedside rounds: a review of the evidence behind common physical exam maneuvers
  6. Tales of Survival: stories from the floors of Bellevue, Tisch, and the VA hospitals
  7. Medical ethics discussions
  8. Links to other excellent medical sites

Clinical Correlations is updated most weekdays with new content. The website has evolved into an online community, where housestaff and faculty can read, interact and discuss fascinating medical content. We strongly encourage you to visit the site.

Contact: Neil Shapiro