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Protein Mass Spectrometry Core Facility for Neuroscience

Since its establishment in 2005, the New York University Protein Mass Spectrometry Core Facility for neuroscience has provided cutting edge mass spectrometry-based protein analysis to molecular neuroscientists at the New York University School of Medicine. Funding from NIH-NINDS has enabled neuroscientists at NYU to take advantage of sophisticated and involved protein mass spectrometry and proteomics that would otherwise not be available to them, and guarantee them access to the technology. Neuroscientists at New York University can identify from one to thousands of proteins of interest, modification of these proteins such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, proteolysis and lipids, perform functional proteomics studies to identify the proteins involved in key signal transduction processes in neurons, and characterize protein-protein interactions by surface plasmon resonance.

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Contact Us
Dr. Thomas Neubert
Email: thomas.neubert@nyumc.org 
Phone: 212-263-7265

Rodent Behavior Core

The Rodent Behavior Core provides facilities and equipment for:

  • Spatial Learning and Memory (Morris Water Maze, Place Preference)
  • Associative Memory Formation (Fear Conditioning)
  • Anxiety and Depression (Elevated Plus, Forced Swim, Tail Suspension, Sucrose Preference)
  • Sensory Motor Gating (Prepulse Inhibition, Acoustic Startle) 
  • Drug Addiction and Withdrawal (Conditioned Place Preference, Locomotor Hyperactivity) 
  • Social Learning (Three Chambered Arena) 
  • Novelty Detection (Objection Recognition) 
  • Motor Learning (Rotating Rod test)
  • Perseverative Learning (Y-Maze) 
  • Working Memory (Radial Arm Maze) 
  • Real time video tracking to adapt user designed paradigms

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Contact Us
Dr. Adam Mar
Email: adam.mar@nyumc.org
Phone: 212-263-9295


The Office of Collaborative Science (Cores) oversees the major core resource labs throughout the Medical Center and ensure that investigators have access to, and in some areas even pioneer, new enabling technologies for research. 

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