Molecular and Transgenic Core

This core develops transgenic tools and approaches to support the aims of the PPG (Development and Function of 5HT3aR-expressing Cortical GABAergic Interneurons; P01NS074972) shared between the laboratories of Drs. Gord Fishell, Bernardo Rudy and Wenbiao Gan. In collaboration with the NYULMC Rodent Genetic Engineering Core (RGEC) run by Dr. Sang Yong Kim, this core has produced a number of new mouse driver and reporter mouse strains, including 5HT3aR-Flpo, ChAT-Flpo, and NDNF-Cre lines, for the selective targeting and manipulation of specific classes of 5HT3aR expressing cortical interneurons. Furthermore, in collaboration with the NYU-Abu Dhabi viral core, the core has developed novel AAV-based strategies for viral transduction of 5HT3aR subpopulations from early development through adulthood in order to characterize the integration and maturation of these cortical interneuron subtypes. Ongoing projects include the development of additional driver and reporter lines to further the PPG research goals, as well as new conditional alleles of candidate genes for in vivo loss-of-function studies.

Once they have been fully characterized, all new mouse lines developed by this core will be deposited at Jackson Laboratories to facilitate their distribution to other research groups.

Rob Machold, Ph.D.
Phone: 646-501-0071