The Neuroscience Institute hosts a monthly series called SPINES - Seminars by Postdocs in Neuroscience: Extramural Series. This seminar series, started five years ago, brings very talented advanced postdocs from the Northeast region to NYU for a formal seminar, a full day of one-on-one faculty discussions, and a dinner with other advanced postdocs.

We aim to attract the best and brightest from the local region with a two-fold goal:

  1. Provide an unprecedented opportunity for talented postdocs to share cutting edge research and receive feedback from NYU faculty, postdocs and students.
  2. Provide NYU postdocs an opportunity to network and meet the next generation of faculty before they move on to faculty positions.

Speakers are nominated and selected by the NYU SPiNES Committee.

2018-2019 SPiNES Committee:
Samuel McKenzie, PhD (Postdoc, Buzsaki Lab)
Sara Fenstermacher, PhD (Postdoc, Dasen Lab)
Robert Egger, PhD (Postdoc, Long Lab)
Julieta Lischinsky, PhD (Postdoc, Lin Lab) 
Michael Long, PhD (Faculty Advisor)

2018-2019 SPiNES speaker nominations are now open. Click here to nominate yourself or a colleague. Nomination deadline is September 10, 2018. 


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2016-2017 SPiNES Seminar Series Schedule

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