Requirements and Expectations

This rotation consists of many varied activities, in various sites around the city.

A direct corollary of this is that there are a great number of individuals who are donating their time and expertise toward the goal of improving quality of life for developmentally disabled children and families, by providing training to individuals who will certainly impact the lives of these children in the future.

Therefore, professional behavior and common courtesy dictate that all residents are expected to be present at the various sites according to their individual schedules.

In the event of an emergency, residents are expected to contact the individual preceptor, as well as to notify the Developmental attending and/or Fellow, if they are unable to attend a particular activity.

This is in addition to notifying the chief residents and ambulatory fellows as is normally done when one is unable to be present on a particular day.

Residents will learn how to administer the Denver II Screening Test and the Einstein Assessment of School-Related Skills Screening Test (EASRS), and will present the results of at least two such assessments

Five or six select core articles will be distributed, and there will be an easy-to-access resource file of other related articles for a resident's particular interest.

Time for discussion of these and other readings will be made available.