The Division of General Pediatrics is committed to the advancement of knowledge through research, with the overall goal of improving child health.

Recent research interests within our division have included pediatric obesity, media violence, medical education, immunization delivery, low level lead exposure, child development.

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If you are interested in the NYU School of Medicine’s “Curriculum for the 21st Century (C21)” and would like to learn more about engaging in a research project with one of our physicians below please visit http://med.nyu.edu/pediatrics/medical-education/medical-student-concentration-program

Benard Dreyer, MD  Child poverty / advocacy
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Arthur Fierman, MD  General pediatrics, school health, immigrant health
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Gabrielle Gold Von-Simson, MD Drug development, clinical trials with the potential to rotate at big pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer) and enroll in related courses.
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Mary Jo Messito, MD   Obesity prevention   
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Cynthia Osman, MD  Advocacy / medical education
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Rebecca Rosenberg, MD  Patient family engagement, pediatric postoperative management, quality and safety
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Dr. Rosenberg is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and is part of the pediatric hospitalist group at NYU-Tisch Hospital. As a hospitalist, Dr Rosenberg focuses on safety and quality improvement, pain management, and clinical translation of evidence-based medicine. Current research includes parent involvement in postoperative pain management and impact of post-operative spinal fusion guidelines. She is interested in improving patient care quality and safety and is also an assistant epidemiologist in the NYULMC Infection Prevention and Control Department. Her past research has focused on autism epidemiology and international neonatal health, in countries like India and Bangladesh. She completed her residency at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital and earned an MPH at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Rosenberg is a member of the Academic Pediatric Association.

Suzy Tomopoulos, MD   Impacts of media exposure on child development
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Leo Trasande, MD  Environmental chemicals, childhood obesity, health economics, health policy
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Shonna Yin, MD Health literacy, medication safety, chronic disease management 
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Michael Weitzman, MD  1. Primary and data collection regarding hookahs and e-cigarettes (surveys, air collection in hookah bars, and cardiopulmonary changes in those actively and passively exposed as well as hookah bar workers 2. secondary analyses of adverse effects of alcohol vs marijuana 3. predictors of sensorineural hearing loss in children and its effects (mild) on child neurocognition, 4. parental diabetes, depression and child mental health, 5. obesity and inflammatory changes, 6. specific lipid changes associated with obesity

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