Hand Surgery Fellowship

Name of Program

New York University Medical Center

Fellowship Director

David T. W. Chiu, M.D.,

Contact Information

For program information, please contact:
Tabbatha Roman
Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 646-501-6784
Fax: 212-263-8090


Hansjörg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery
New York University Medical Center
560 First Avenue, TCH169
New York, NY 10016

Affiliated Hospitals

NYU Medical Center, Mount Sinai Medical Center, and Bellevue Hospital Center

Emphasis of Program

Comprehensive Hand Surgery

Requirements for Acceptance to Fellowship: Candidates for the fellowship program must have completed plastic, general, or orthopedic surgery training in an accredited program in the United States or have had comparable training and experience in a foreign medical center. Applications should be received no later than 12 months prior to the start of the fellowship.

Download Hand Surgery Fellowship Application (PDF)

Applicants will be required to file with the National Residency Matching Program. Information about the match can be obtained from the National Residency Matching Program.

2450 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037-1127

Length of Training Program

Appointments are for 12 months from July 1st through June 30th.

Description of Fellowship

The Hand Surgery Fellowship at the department is one of the longest running Hand Surgery Fellowships in the United States. Over 85 fellows have completed this training program.

The program is accredited to train two fellows per year and follows the guidelines for training established by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Acute trauma experience is acquired at Bellevue Hospital where the fellows rotate on the microsurgery and replantation team. Primary and secondary reconstructive cases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease, tumors, Dupuytren, and congenital deformities) come from a large multi-state referral base. Fellows may also work with the microsurgery team. In addition to hospital-based care, private and clinic cases are managed in plastic and orthopedic offices.

Responsibilities of Fellows

In addition to technical training, the educational curriculum is designed to develop clinical acumen, improve decision making skills, and management of complex treatment programs. Fellows have didactic and on-the-job teaching responsibilities; they will work with and help residents in the operating room and on the wards. The fellow will provide comprehensive care of the hand by participating in pre-operative (e.g. electrodiagnostic testing) and post-operative care (e.g. occupational therapy or upper extremity prostheses).

Other Related Activities

Fellows participate in journal clubs, meetings, clinics, conferences, teaching rounds, and other activities. They are invited to attend grand rounds, resident educational conferences, and other regional meetings throughout the training year. All fellows are provided with a microsurgery course at the beginning of the fellowship.

Research Activities

Educational laboratory facilities are available for microsurgery training and basic science laboratories are open for surgical and scientific research.

Follow-up Care

  • Participation in clinics and rounds.


  • Approximately $76,000

Malpractice/Health Insurance Requirements

  • Fellows are covered for malpractice insurance and are eligible for group life insurance, medical insurance, and disability programs.

State Licensure Requirements

  • Candidates must have a New York State License or Limited Permit. Foreign graduates must have an ECFMG Certificate.

Faculty Members

Graduates of the Hand Surgery Fellowship

Steven Flagg, MD 1967
Alberto Lluch, MD 1970
Franklin Dispaltro, MD 1973
Victor Meyer, MD 1973
Charles P. Melone, Jr, MD 1975
Hissamuddin Maiwandi, MD 1976
Patrick DeRosa, MD 1977
Michael Prepon, MD 1978
John Carstens, MD 1979
David Gilbert, MD 1979
Robert Reiffel, MD 1980
Hugh Baugher, MD 1980
David T.W. Chiu, MD 1980
Alamgir Isani, MD 1981
Summer Slavin, MD 1981
Bradford, W. Edgerton, MD 1982
Joel B. Grad, MD 1982
Gerald Ginsberg, MD 1983
Robert Hendrikson, MD 1983
Salvatore Fanto, MD 1984
Carolyn Kerrigan, MD 1984
Gary S. Bromley, MD 1984
Richard S. Basuk, MD 1985
Jean Francois Mercier, MD 1985
Charles Xeller, MD 1985
Nelson Botwinick, MD 1986
Ralph Purcell, MD 1986
Clyde Ishii, Jr, MD 1986
Paul Zidel, MD 1987
Lloyd Hoffman, MD 1987
Salvatore Lenzo, MD 1987
Kamel Abouzahr, MD 1988
Charles Eaton, MD 1988
Christopher Leber, MD 1988
Phyllis Chang, MD 1989
Jeffrey Arliss, MD 1989
Robert X. Murphy, MD 1989
Christopher Attinger, MD 1990
Michael Grenis, MD 1990
Richard Hodnett, MD 1990
Jesse Basadre, MD 1991
John Tymchak, MD 1991
Glenn A. Becker, MD 1991
Sophia Koo, MD 1992
Joshua Rubinsteiin, MD 1992
Jay Pomerance, MD 1992
Stephen Drukker, MD 1993
Joel Frazier, MD 1993
Peter Stein, MD 1993
Adel Kabeer, MD 1994
Nancy Falco, MD 1994
Yorum Ozer, MD 1994
Benjamin Chang, MD 1995
Williams Drobner, MD 1995
James A. Masson, MD 1995
David Kulber, MD 1996
Mihye Choi, MD 1996
Stephen Tham, MD 1996
Michael Hahn, MD 1997
Ralph Garramone, MD 1997
David W. Friedman, MD 1997
Hiram Soler, MD 1998
Hakan Gundes, MD 1998
James Lin, MD 1998
James Chao, MD 1999
David Kahn, MD 1999
Karol Gutowski, MD 2000
Loren Borud, MD 2000
Hooman Soltanian, MD 2001
Carolyn Chang, MD 2001
John Master, MD 2001
Richard Tepper, MD 2002
Brian Rinker, MD 2002
Jan Hendrik Coert, MD 2003
Alberto Panozzo, MD 2003
Peter Birnbaum, DO 2004
James Savundra, MBBS 2004
John Hannan Mullett, MD 2004
Amy Kells, MD, PhD 2005
Joseph Galitzin, MD 2005
Venkata Bodavula, MBBS 2005
Alberto Aviles, MD 2006
Daron Geldwert, MD 2006
Francisco Gargano, MBBS 2006
Michael K. Matthew, MD 2007
Naveen Chandra Setty, MD 2007
Gyu Chin, MD 2008
Vishal Dev Thanik, MD 2008
Jonathan P. Lee, MD 2009
Christopher Jensen, MD 2009
Alice Chu, MD 2010
Casey Knight, MD 2010
Shy Stahl, MD 2011
Joshua Zuckerman, MD 2011
Asif Pirani, MD 2012
Andrew Tung, MD 2012
Bryan Chung, MD 2013
Michael Terry, MD 2013
Brenon L. Abernathie, M.D. 2014
Paul M. Pierce, M.D. 2014
Demetrios Rizis, M.D. 2015
Justin K. Yeung, M.D. 2015