Cancer Immunology Program

The Perlmutter Cancer Center Immunology Program unites a diverse group of scientists from the NYU School of Medicine who are committed to harnessing the power of the immune system to fight cancer and to understanding how unique aspects of lymphocyte (white blood cell) biology contribute to cancer development.

The Cancer Immunology Program provides:

  • A forum for interactions between laboratory scientists and clinicians, with the potential for important synergy and translational application of basic discoveries to the clinic.
  • Access to sophisticated technologies that are beyond the reach of individual laboratories, with relevant core facilities (including the only cGMP Vaccine and Cell Therapy Core Facility in New York City).
  • Support for researchers, particularly junior investigators, who conduct pilot projects with potential translational application to cancer immunology.

The Cancer Immunology Program's mission is carried out at three levels:

  1. Basic research to investigate, at the cellular and molecular levels, the mechanisms that regulate the immune system, yielding knowledge that will further our efforts to harness the power of the immune system to treat cancer.
  2. Translational research to develop the means to translate the findings of basic science investigations into innovative therapies, and to evaluate these therapies in vitro and in animal models.
  3. Clinical research to design and conduct clinical trials of cancer vaccines and immunotherapies.

The Cancer Immunology Program hosts monthly meetings which provide an opportunity for investigators to exchange information and forge new collaborations.