Early Phase Clinical Research Support (EPCRS)

The Perlmutter Cancer Center is dedicated to supporting our Investigators’ goals of advancing novel approaches to treating cancer. Early Phase Clinical Research Support is a mechanism for providing financial support to unfunded or underfunded Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs) authored by Perlmutter Cancer Center Members.

Who is eligible for EPCRS funding (all criteria must be met)

  • Pilot (pre-phase I) and Phase I Clinical Research Studies focusing on initial early phase testing of an agent or device for the diagnosis, prevention detection or treatment of cancer
  • Principal Investigator of Trial must be Perlmutter Cancer Center Member
  • Study must be authored and conceptualized/designed by Perlmutter Cancer Center members
  • Trial must be expected to last no longer than 2 years
  • Unfunded or underfunded trial (Please note: studies receiving partial support from Industry are eligible for funding.)
  • Disease Management Group Leader approval is required to submit for EPCRS funding
  • Trial must be SUBMITTED to PRMC for review and approval

Who is not eligible for EPCRS funding

  • Studies receiving support from other peer-reviewed research grants, cooperative agreements, or contracts are ineligible for support
  • Exempt and Expedited trials are not eligible for support

What EPCRS funding supports

  • Nursing and Data Management Support
  • Costs associated with generation of preliminary data through other early phase clinically related activities (examples below)
    • Purchasing of imaging time for scans related to early phase clinical research
    • Support for IND or IDE applications
    • Pharmacodynamic Studies

What EPCRS funding does not support

  • PI Fees/Salary Support
  • Institutional Overhead
  • Pharmacy Fees
  • OCT Contracting fee

Early Phase Clinical Research Support (EPCRS) application

To become eligible for EPCRS funding you must submit an application for consideration.

Download the Early Phase Clinical Research Support (EPCRS) application. (To be considered for funding, the application must be filled out in its entirety.)

Submit Application Electronically to nicholas.shuman@nyumc.org with the subject line “EPCRS Application”

Once your application has been fully submitted, it will be reviewed by the committee.

Study must have full PRMC approval before EPCRS can award funding.

If your study is awarded EPCRS funds, you will be required to submit a yearly progress report to determine if funding should continue. The following information is required at the yearly review:

  • Accrual to Date
  • Barriers to accrual, if any
  • Scientific progress
  • Future potential research derived from currently funded project