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Perlmutter Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trials

Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trials

Phase 1 clinical trials are the earliest stage of clinical research and assess a new treatment, or combination of treatments, for the first time in human subjects. Investigators leading phase 1 cancer clinical trials at NYU Langone’s Perlmutter Cancer Center aim to provide patients with access to the latest treatments for many types of cancer.

Through our phase 1 cancer clinical trials, we aid the development of new treatments derived from basic, translational, and clinical research conducted at Perlmutter Cancer Center. We also facilitate the transition of new drugs into later phase trials through our Disease Management Groups, which include teams of researchers and physicians in areas related to specific types of cancers.

Our early phase cancer trials involve immune therapies, molecularly targeted agents, and cytotoxic agents. New immune therapies are a special focus of our phase 1 cancer clinical trials program, and we offer diverse trials related to novel checkpoint inhibitors, cytokines, vaccines, and cellular therapies.

We are also participating in trials assessing molecularly targeted agents involving DNA damage and repair pathways, chromatic remodeling, and cellular metabolism. Our phase 1 trials are also assessing numerous antibody–drug conjugates with cytotoxic effects that cause cell death or prevent cell growth.

Learn more about Perlmutter Cancer Center’s open phase 1 cancer clinical trials.

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