The Firm System

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During the Medicine and Ambulatory Care Clerkships, students are divided into Firms. Each Firm is named in honor of distinguished people within the Department of Medicine. Each Firm is led by a Firm Chief responsible for overseeing the progress of the educational program during the clerkship. This process ensures that each student has an experienced educator who will oversee his or her education during the clerkship and inculcates students into the rich tradition of the Department.

The Firm Chiefs share teaching ideas and coordinate changes in the curriculum with the Clerkship Director and the Associate Chair of Medicine during the monthly Education Council Meetings. They also serve as ongoing resources to the faculty and students, directing educational strategy and providing personal mentoring for the remainder of the students' medical school career. Additionally, Firm Chiefs write the first draft of the Chair’s Letter of Recommendation for students applying for residency training in medicine.

The following is a list of the Firms and their current Chiefs:

Firm Name Firm Chief
Saul J. Farber Martin L. Kahn, MD
Austin Flint Ruth Oratz, MD
Edward C. Franklin Jerome Lowenstein, MD
Ira Goldstein Elizabeth H. Weinshel, MD
Linda Laubenstein Michael LoCurcio, MD
H. Sherwood Lawrence Anthony J. Grieco, MD
Bertha Rader Mitchell H. Charap, MD
Lewis Thomas Norma Keller, MD
Simon Karpatkin Charles E. Langs, MD