Nicholas Stavropoulos awarded a 2014 Whitehead Fellowship for Junior Faculty

Dr. Nicholas Stavropoulos, an assistant professor in the NYU Neuroscience Institute was named a 2014-2015 Whitehead Fellow for his project "Visualization and Functional Manipulation of Neuronal Activity Underlying Sleep Drive". Since his arrival in the fall of 2012, his work to identify the genes, molecular pathways, and brain circuits that control sleep has been awarded numerous honors, including the 2014 Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship and the Sleep Research Society Foundation (SRSF) Gillin Research Grant. Dr. Stavropoulos earned his Ph.D. in genetics from Harvard Medical School and did his postdoctoral work with Michael Young, PhD at the Rockefeller University where he isolated and characterized insomniac, a gene that functions within the brain to regulate the duration and consolidation of sleep. This award will allow him to develop strategies to visualize and manipulate neurons underlying sleep drive in Drosophila.