Summer Scholars Program

Jack Cary Eichenbaum Summer Scholars Program

The JCE Neonatology Summer Scholar's program involves students in Neonatology research projects as well as involvement in on site NICU activities.

In this way students have an opportunity to learn about the world of Neonatology as well as other Pediatrics subspecialty areas such as General Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery and Pediatric Cardiovascular surgery.

The goal of the Summer Scholar's Program is to foster and encourage students’ interest in the importance of medical research and the medical profession by allowing them to explore various areas of Neonatology.

The Jack Cary Eichenbaum Neonatology Scholars Program is supported by Jack’s Neonatology fund in honor of Jack, born too soon, but whose short life is committed to supporting clinical care and medical education so that every child is provided excellent and compassionate medical care in a nurturing and supportive NICU environment.

The American Board of Pediatrics defines professionalism as one who "aspires to altruism, accountability, excellence, duty, service, honor, integrity and respect for others."

Do You Have an Interest in Pediatrics or Neonatology?

Neonatology is a subspecialty in Pediatrics that provides care to high risk newborn infants. These can be infants who are full-term or premature, or those with surgical emergencies.

The faculty of the Division of Neonatology provide care at two hospitals in New York City at New York University Medical Center, Tisch Hospital and Bellevue Hospital Center.

There are several divisional research projects in which students can participate during the summer months.